Floraplex Terpenes High Viscosity Terpene Diluent: Full ingredients and information!



I posted this in our High Visocity Terpene Diluent thread, but I wanted to make sure everyone noticed it so I am creating this thread too.

We have decided to raise the bar yet again by becoming the first and only terpene company to be transparent when it comes to our proprietary diluent ingredients! Over the next week we will release the full ingredient list of our diluents, starting today with our brand-new High Viscosity Teprene Diluent!

We will also release the GCMS lab report for our diluents along with heavy metal, pesticide, and resiudal solvent test reports.

We are taking these steps because we feel it’s important to be the gold standard in the terpene industry. We stand behind our products. We have nothing to hide. We want our customers to know what they are buying.

The whole Floraplex Terpenes family wants to thank the Future4200 community for the support and commitment you show toward advancing the industry. Good actors will help further legitimize the movement and help eliminate the bad actors, we are in this together! :fist_right::fist_left:

So, without future ado, the ingredients in our new High Viscosity Terpene Diluent thickener is (not in order of concentration):


And stay tuned for more announcements very soon! :man_dancing:

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We want to be open with you. So much so we spent about $28,000 over the past three weeks getting all sorts of 3rd party testing done on our products. And we’re spending another $9,000 this week.

As an example, see our Terpene Diluent thread where I just posted full test results, with full GCMS coming later this week. And we will be releasing full test suite results for the High Viscosity diluent in the coming week!

Terpene Diluent full test suite results

We are sharing everything we have on our diluents. We believe in being open and honest.


Good move guys


(−)-α-bisabolol is the main ingredient in our next generation High Viscosity Terpene Diluent. It has a flowery odor and flavor in the bottle, but when diluted down into products it not noticeable or is practically unnoticeable.

(−)-β-elemene is a very interesting terpene that is rare and very, very expensive. It’s practically odorless. It’s only now getting attention by the research community and offers very interesting and promising results. We source it from overseas (Europe) and as far as we know we’re the only company utilizing this unique and exciting terpene.

β-bisabolene is a unique terpene that’s practically odorless with promising initial research results. It is not found in any other terpene product on the market we know of, except maybe as part of an essential oil.

Phytol is very interesting as well. It’s pretty viscous and is practically odorless and flavorless.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


I have some being delivered now and will give a review sometime next week. Got my fingers crossed.




thats good news. Its no good saying I don’t know what is in my vape pens because the people I buy it from wont tell me haha.


Do you have ratio recommendations for this product? Or thread for ratios?

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I have the regular diluent, and have been working on some different cart formulations. Right now I’m around 70-75% distillate (hemp) 12% c8 MCT, 6% diluent and 8% terpenes (5% real canna and 3% floraplex).

I’d like to drop the MCT completely, or at least reduce it and was curious about your thickener.

When I add higher % terps, like 10% or so, it gets pretty harsh. Do you know if the thickener would create a similar effect at 15% or so (along with 5-10% terps)? Or do you think it’s mostly the terps creating the harshness?


Hi! Yup :slight_smile:

We recommend keeping it below 40% w/w, some people prefer it below 30% w/w. It can have a noticeable flavor at high use rate so we always recommend testing in application with small batches. At 20% w/w and below is where most people seem to use this product.


Hi :slight_smile:

Do you mean at 10% terps with your current blend it gets harsh? It’s hard to say if it’s the terps but I wouldn’t think so, at least not from Floraplex terps. I can’t speak to real canna terps.

Using our Thickener at 15% with up to 10% terps shouldn’t be harsh, but every person and situational variables are different. People have reported using those values with successes. You could use a mixture of our Terpene Diluent and our Thickener, something like 75/25 or 60/40 may work well. Our Terpene Diluent Thickener is better for your use than our original Terpene Diluent because it holds more CBD.