Floraplex ~ High Viscosity ~ Terpene Diluent Free Samples for Future4200 members!


:drum: . . . It’s finally here! :tada:

After much research, development, and testing, we are very happy to announce the release of our new, nearly flavorless ~ High Viscosity ~ Terpene Diluent thickener! :loudspeaker:

You asked, we answered. Nearly everyday we are flooded with requests for a terpene diluent that doesn’t drastically lower the viscosity of their products. Thus, our High Viscosity Terpene Diluent was born!

Our Thickener is up to 10 times more viscous than other terpene diluents, liquefiers, and viscosity products on the market today - and it is comprised entirely of terpenes! Thin and runny products can appear cheap to your customers, greatly reducing the perceived quality of your products and brand. Our thickener is designed to provide ultimate control over your products’ concentration and thickness.

And as a thank you for your support, we are offering a free 15 mL bottle of our High Viscosity Terpene Diluent thickener to Future4200 members with every order over $200 until 4/1/19.

To limit this giveaway to our friends here at Future4200, please be sure you include your Future4200 username in the comment box when checking out. Feel free to use the 20% off future4200 coupon code or the 25% off GLG25 coupon code for Good Life Gang members.

Terpene Diluent – Flavorless Thickener

  • Naturally viscous terpene diluent

  • Food grade and GRAS designation

  • Does not thin out product viscosity

  • Dissolves all winterized products and isolates

Ultimate control over the thickness of your products!

  • Thicken your winterized products like a pro with our all natural, nearly flavorless terpene diluent thickener!

  • Does your diluent liquefier thin out your extracts too much? Look no further! Our High Viscosity Diluent allows you to reduce your products’ concentration without sacrificing control of viscosity or product flavor.

  • Tired of bubble movement? So are we! Dilute your winterized products without increasing bubble mobility.

  • Do you need to dissolve all types of winterized products and isolates without crystallizing? No problem! Our proprietary diluent technology is perfect for use with all winterized products and isolates.

  • Does not contain coconut oil, MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil blends, PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), or PEG (polyethylene glycol).

Product Description

Control the thickness and bubble movement of your products with Floraplex’s all natural, food grade, nearly flavorless thickener: High Viscosity Terpene Diluent! Oil soluble, providing incredible control over the terpene and essential oil blends in your products. Floraplex’s proprietary High Viscosity Diluent technology is the answer to liquefying your winterized products and isolates without thinning them out.

To achieve your desired flavor and aroma when using diluents from other companies are you forced to add more terpenes than you would like? Look no further! Our High Viscosity Terpene Diluent allows you to control product thickness without losing control of product flavor.

Converts viscous, winterized products into room temperature viscous oil without affecting color or flavor. Its slight, flower like flavor and aroma pairs well with all products, terpene isolates, and terpene blends. Mixes completely with products winterized alcohol, hydrocarbon, and supercritical CO2 extraction systems without separation. Increases clarity while staying in solution without additives or emulsifiers. With its high saturation points, our diluent technology completely dissolves and prevents crystallization of winterized products and isolates when saturation points are not exceeded.

Use of our High Viscosity Terpene Diluent with unwinterized products is not recommended due to varying amounts oil insoluble lipids and waxes in the products.

The suggested starting application rate for use with non-crystallized winterized products is 5-10% (w/w) of the product’s mass. For crystallized winterized products, when used with terpene blends, suggested use rate is upwards of 15-20% (w/w) to prevent re-crystallization (small scale in-house R&D testing is strongly suggested). Providing dilution without thinning, unlike other commercially available diluents that will thin out products.

Completely dissolves upwards of 40% product isolate per gram of diluent - allowing for easy combination with non-crystallized winterized products to achieve specific ratios.

Formulated and manufactured with precision, our High Viscosity Terpene Diluent thickener ensures consistent results and with every use. A faint flowery aroma is noticeable when smelling the bottle, and a very faint flowery flavor may be noticed at high usage rates.

Floraplex Terpenes High Viscosity Terpene Diluent: Full ingredients and information!
  1. For those of us with neutropenic or other severe immune issues would you care to list the actual ingerients used?

  2. Since we don’t know what is actually being used can you please provide some kind of empirical testing that shows your “food grade” product has been shown to not cause issues when vaporized.

“Food grade” is in no way a scientific measurement of wether something is safe when vaporized…


Hi Supadupa710,

  1. We are in internal discussion on this matter. Stay tuned! What I can say is it’s comprised of natural terpenes, two of which are unique to the industry and one is rare.

  2. Food grade designation isn’t intended to imply it’s for vaping. And it’s not a measurement of anything. It’s just a certification that a product is food grade. The base our of new thickener is also USP grade. In terms of inhalation studies we haven’t conducted any but we have data from previous works on inhalation toxicity (i.e., the lack of).


Thanks for the quick reply!

  1. Plenty of us have severe allergies and reactions to specific terpenes so I look forward to hearing what they are.

  2. Provided you have not done any inhalation studies and thus rely on other studies or as scarily as you put it the lack thereof. Do you intend to perform any independent studies?

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I wasn’t clear before regarding “lack of” because I was referring to a lack of evidence it’s an inhalation hazard. There are data from a Final Report on the Safety Assessment from the International Journal of Toxicity that does not indicate an acute inhalation toxicity hazard from the main terpene that comprises our ground breaking new product.

Thank you for you questions!


Do you know of any vendors now supplying terpene diluents that list the full ingredients? Do you know of any terpene vendors conducting peer reviewed research as to the toxicity or carcinogenic effects of inhalation of terpenes?


A lot of these thickeners are just alpha-bisabolol - is that what you’re using?

Whether it’s terpenes or not, someone will just put it through a GCMS anyway.


I’ve asked almost every manufacturer of these style diluents. Nobody will say anything. Funny because all I have to do is take it to the lab.


Awesome thanks for the clarification!


No I don’t, which is why I asked if this vendor does. I don’t understand the context of your question… are you trying to negate my question be saying no other vendor does so why bother asking?


Interested in trying. How do I get in contact with you?


You can Contact Us, and I can DM you which allows you to DM me back.


What the maximum ratio your company has used this product in a vape before? Is speed shipping available?


Hi John!

For non-crystallized product (T disty), we’re told beta testers have enjoyed up to 15% w/w. But because there is a slight flowery aroma and flavor at high use rates, I’d suggest starting lower around 10%. Testers have used upwards of 20% w/w, but greater than 20% the flavor of the thickener can be too pronounced for some terpene blend profiles. It can dissolve without crystallization upwards of 40% isolate, e.g, 1 gram of final mixture has 0.4 gram isolate and 0.6 gram thickener, in case you wanted to modify the THC and CBD ratios of the final product.

And yes, we ship next day air, 2 day, or 3 day.


Is it just me or does using a thickener in your end product just scream greed, and a crappy lab who puts out bunk product?

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Hi big!

There are many legitimate reasons our customers want a high viscosity diluent. One of the biggest reasons we created this was for hemp distillate and isolate. No other diluent that we know of can hold as much hemp derived CBD products without crystallizing. Many of our customers only work with industrial hemp and they need a terpene dilunet that can hold a lot of isolate and/or disty without crystallizing. Another big use is to add isolate to T disty, to adjust the THC:CBD ratio, which again isn’t really possible with other diluents on the market.

Due to the aroma and flavor of our new product, using it a very high rate isn’t likely going to help people who want to be underhanded. Something we certainly don’t support (being underhanded).

Thanks! :slight_smile:


If the constituents aren’t listed, can’t be verified, the manufacture tells you it’s our proprietary formula, have zero scientific data to back up how safe it is to vape or ingest, well that’s something to ponder!


Just wondering, are you this fun at parties too?! :wink:

I already commented on the ingredients: that’s something we are seriously discussing internally. It’s a mixture of four different natural terpenes, one of which is uncommon and another that’s rare. I would also add that we are more open than any of our main competitors.

And I’m not sure if you read this whole thread before you posted, because I already address the “zero scientific data” point. I quote myself:

I wasn’t clear before regarding “lack of” because I was referring to a lack of evidence it’s an inhalation hazard. There are data from a Final Report on the Safety Assessment from the International Journal of Toxicity that does not indicate an acute inhalation toxicity hazard from the main terpene that comprises our ground breaking new product.

Thank you for you questions!


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