Extracted Biomass Uses

Anyone know of any good uses for extracted biomass. After its been spun dry, and you have 5k lbs of material, what do you do with it? Looking for both monetary and non monetary ideas.


you can use @Shadownaught s enzymes to break the cellulose into sugar and then ferment and distill that to make your own alcohol

You can feed it to livestock as long as its truly free of ethanol

You can look into turning it to plastic


Ask this guy what he’s doing with it…

Or @precisionnick, who has also been spotted paying for schwag :slight_smile:

Or maybe just sell it to them and move on?


Thanks cyclo. I’ve been using the search engine for a lot of good info on other topics. Just couldn’t search the right words for this one.

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Notice I did not post a search query…:wink:


One word…astroturf

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As in turn extracted weed into fake grass?

Sounds doable, and adorable.

Do we need that much AstroTurf?

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Hey @Champone, tell us about your happy cows.

@future don’t you have hempy pigs?


It’s pretty close to the same protein as alfalfa. Pig more feed of a grain. Cows have 4 stomachs to handle forge better. You could feed it to horses tho.


But pigs can eat about anything I’d probably mix it a little differently for them. You guys have a lot of spent biomass you don’t want? I’ll haul it off for free :slight_smile: I see ppl talking about keeping scammers off this site. We need to find a way to keep corporate fucks off it too lol. The info on here helps us. But also could be our demise.


Autoclave it until you’re left with only nano sized carbon particles, then use it in place of graphene in the production of super capacitors / ultra capacitors. Or look into inputs for hempcrete (biomass based structural concrete). I have even heard of super strong, hemp biomass based metals/ceramics being produced. Somebody somewhere is probably using it to make spaceships.


Really depends on how much work you want to get into. On the lazy end you can just pelletize it and try to find someone that will use it for feed. Mid chain you can use an enzyme like the one we’ve ordered before to make hemp mash into hempshine. The long game is total biorefining, separating the starch, cellulose, lignin, protein, and left over carbs n lipids to create value added products like plastic, paper, hemp activated carbon, and consumer goods.


Are you still looking for biomass email me at purentree@gmail.com

There is a press you can buy that helps get that last little bit out of the spent mass. Seems like a good option. I have not personally used it.

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I mean whis not making spaceships out of their spent biomass lol :joy:

hempcrete buildings

Do you still have this problem?

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The problem is industry wide.

There are a number of folks who have sett out to address it (@precisionnick ?)

Some simply from a garbage collection standpoint. collecting cannabis waste - Google Search

Others with actual products in mind.

There are folks collecting post extraction biomass who then turn around and sell it in pre-rolls (hempettes).

My chosen path is to make ethanol from it. Either for extraction or fuel. Depending on how it tastes/tests

Haven’t expended much effort yet. Once I have 100 fuges capable of processing 1000lb in an 8hr shift out in the wild it will become a priority.