Extracted Biomass Uses

You are on the right track. Give it about 2 years and people will start to realize the real capacity of the plant.

How are you achieving enzymatic control with your ethanol production? :wink:

For the last couple years I’ve been saying I wanna turn my spent biomass into hempcrete bricks and build a house. Or at least cinder blocks and do the foundation and basement.

I’ve seen video of people pouring slabs and forms too. The world of hempcrete is not limited to bricks, though it is still yet to be determined if it will last as long as they think it will. I hope it does. I’m a fan, for sure!

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I’m doing some work in this space. Looking for ~10lb spent biomass samples, sealed, from a variety of extractors (ethanol, BHO, heptane, CO2, CO2 w/cosolvents). Not looking for unextracted waste at this time.

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Where are you located? We could get you some spent biomass in Oregon

Delaware. You can mail it. Just label the shit out of it industrial hemp 7606 research.


Hi there - I can easily fulfill 50k pounds per month. Let’s discuss. I’m new on this site so please advise on the best way to proceed. Look forward to discussing. Thanks

@dean2019: following the link I posted and figuring out who it is that actually wants 50k lb of spent biomass would be a good place to start… :wink:

here it is again… Post Extracted Hemp Biomass Wanted

Perhaps it looks more like a link now? :thinking:

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