Post Extracted Hemp Biomass Wanted


I am in the market to purchase post-extracted Hemp biomass. I have been purchasing upwards of 50,000 pounds monthly and are looking to work with processors to remove all spent material.
We pay a flat rate per pound and cover all shipping and logistics.

Cannot be pulverized; all material still needs to be in contact and somewhat coarse
Min order must exceed 10,000 pounds
Can pick up from any state
COA and sample are mandatory
No brokers

Extracted Biomass Uses

Might be able to help you out. You need a COA and sample on the spent material im assuming? What do you want to see from the lab (i.e. residual solvents, biologicals, etc?)


Potency to showcase minimal amounts of THC, if any, as well as solvents and mold.


Sent you a DM not sure if you’ve received it. Shoot me an email if you don’t mind. We can get something going very soon.


Bump. Just getting this back at the top of the “latest” page :wink:


Hello. I have a few labs that can provide spent biomass to you and meet those minimum volumes. Can you email me at to discuss?

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We have plenty of post extracted biomass. Can you send me your email?


Email me we use water to extract and I would love to see the spent biomass go somewhere useful.


Please email me at - We are looking for a partner in your marketplace.
Our labs are producing 25,000+/weekly.


Can you email us?


Can you email us