Ideas for used Bio-Mass

Anyone have ideas for spent hemp (extracted) biomass at the rate of 3000-4000lbs a day?

We are looking at pelletizing with binders and a secondary market.

I am open to all ideas crazy and practical.

Thank you in advance.


feed it to hogs,cattle, or goats.

got any other permaculture ideas @future?


pelletizing and burning might be an option. it won’t work in an All Power Labs gasifier, but I believe they’re working on a steam generator now that would work with this feed stock.

I’m aiming at cellulosic ethanol. Rainier Distillers claimed they have that solved when I last talked to them, but I haven’t gotten my fungal savant in touch with them, and am currently not convinced.


I still really like the idea of BioPulping

Fungi consumes the lignin, leaving behind a clean cellulose, and converts that lignin into chitin

Two valuable products with minimal overhead and startup costs


so just make yourself a lagoon, pig farmer style, and rot that stuff in a puddle?

setting it on fire seems like so much more fun.

turning it into actual accelerant (cellulosic ethanol) would bring me joy :slight_smile:

:fire: :fire: :fire:


Do you know what fungus is used for that?

I was just going over the hydroxide/sulphuric method and not really being excited about it.

my fun guy probably has much of that literature in his head. Pretty sure he picked through the biopulping strain lists to get the candidates he’s playing with.

Probably time I tried catching up with him on the subject…(as if)

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Here’s an interesting study using Bjerkandera sp. strain BOS55 to delignify hemp.

Data Dump BioPulp Link

Specifically they are investigating the use of a protease to lower the Nitrogen before introducing the fungi.

But overall the article is packed full of interesting info. Like, for instance…

"White-rot fungi are the most important organisms
responsible for the degradation of complex aromatic lignin macromolecules in nature. Their outstanding lignin-degrading potential is attributed to the unique ability of white-rot fungi to produce potent extracellular oxidative enzymes. The best-characterized enzymes implicated in lignin oxidation are lignin peroxidase (LiP), manganese peroxidase (MnP) and laccase (Kirk and Farrell 1987; Reid 1995). Due to their ability to degrade lignin, combined with their capacity to produce polysaccharide-hydrolyzing enzymes, white-rot fungi have the potential to completely degrade all the major components of lignocellulose. However, several white-rot strains are capable of the selective degradation of lignin.

Selective lignin degradation has been extensively
described in Chilean hardwoods degraded by Ganoderma australe, which is a naturally occurring white-rotted wood (so called “palo podrido”) used as cattle feed in Chile (Dill and Kraepelin 1986; Ríos and Eyzaguirre 1992). Following this example from nature, a number of studies have demonstrated that several white-rot fungal strains from the genera Ceriporiopsis, Ganoderma, Pleurotus and Stropharia cause selective lignin degradation of straw and bagasse, improving their digestibility for ruminants (Akin et al. 1993; Kamra et al. 1993; Zadrazil et al. 1996).

Selective white-rot fungi have also been considered for biopulping. Biopulping entails the fungal pretreatment of wood chips prior to pulping as a means to save energy, enhance pulp quality and reduce environmental impact (Akhtar et al. 1997; Messner 1998). Ceriporiopsis subvermispora is the most important biopulping strain for both hardwoods and softwoods (Akhtar et al. 1997)."


White rot fungi are why we are gonna run out of oil in just a bit.

Little buggers went and ate all the dead trees…


You can send your leftover biomass to me! I will feed it to my goats, horses and cattle!!!

Dm me if ypu can invest 1m in equipment it can be turned into make up filler

Has anyone taken this idea anywhere??? I know someone with an off grid biomass powered furnace who would be very interested in pellets made from extracted material.

You know the markets gone to shit when :joy:

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that’s not a good thing to advertise it’s a FFFFF felony to feed it to livestock…

Wow it’s not legal to feed hot to animals, it’s not up for debate, it’s a felony still… pot may be legal that’s still a federally controlled substance that’s a Sched 1 drug getting Tinto the food supply… Careful there…

My animals enjoy the fresh stuff, wouldn’t feed them extracted biomass though. I don’t have to worry about leaves at all when I defoliate:


You can’t sell the hemp feed, and you probably aren’t supposed to sell the meat raised on it. But there are a lot of people who raise their own meat. If it is your animal and your own food, you can feed it whatever you like.

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@frankochief on a personal level the feds aren’t going to do anything if you’re feeding animals spent biomass and either process them yourself or hire out a local butcher. I wish the FDA would get out of the way but currently only way to get caught doing this is to be selling feed animals or meat to a grocery store or other major distribution network.

I have currently this issue. I got 400kg per day of spentbiomass from an etoh extraction. It is wasted as fully extracted but as it is with some remaining of etoh I cant recycle it on the traditional ways.

Any idea of how I could treat this waste ?


Firestarter Logs

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