Industrial Scale Processing


So I got this idea right… Hear me out bro!
the dairy cattle industry is big down here in ca.
They put the waste into lagoons, and alot of methane comes off these piles.
I recon you could go two ways off this.
You could build a large enclousure over the waste lagoon and harvest the methane, then cool and liquiy it. Run it through a few distillations to fractionate it and run it through a zeolite and carbon bed. Just think of it, you could use cow farts to extract weed like bho. :crazy_face:

On the other hand you could use the methane from the lagoon to fire a steam boiler for your falling film evaporators, You could also run gernrators from the methane and harvest solar power to supply your cooling needs for the extraction. Then use the cooled etoh from your extraction and use it to cool the ffe, this also preheats the feed.
All the fibre harvested from the lagoon could be turned into flower pots like this.

you could also feed your cattle a great deal of the biomass from the operation. In turn they would give you milk/meat for the market.
Who thinks that I’m batshit crazy?


Already doing the last one ol son :wink:

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Just got off the phone with my favorite still builder. He’s supplying a large hemp operation that is planning on powering the steam generator for their recovery stills on spent biomass. He’s distilling the solvent off his biomass.

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How would one build this biomass steam generator?


Off the shelf biomass burner apparently.

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A boiler to produce steam. Hmm so compress the biomass and feed the boiler. Hmm. I think my cows would be pissed lol

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Extracted Biomass Uses

That project is not happening in that timeline. I do not care how much money they throw at it. The number of unforeseen problems alone will stall them. Snapping your fingers and mobilzing 3,000 workers (meals, housing etc) is not happening, especailly in a rural area. Logistics and scheduling alone will scuttle this. Not to mention the engineering challenges you guys continue to unearth. This endeavour would be a challenge if the project were fully engineered from the start.


And nobody wants it to happen for that matter things are great for all of us right now! We have a great community here. With great support. In that, on the scale we are in making the best products! Why go and get in a big ol hurry and blow it up make sub par product and fuck it all up for everyone?


Speak for yourself my bro. I’m all in for epic / impossible shows. Difficult takes a day impossible takes a week in my world. They cut Jordan and said he wasn’t good enough, they told J-z he wouldn’t sell a record and they told Elon he wouldn’t make electric cars… The rest is history.


I’m all about anyone reaching there full potential also. What I’m not about is corporate.


If it wasn’t for corporations you would be out hunting/gathering for food and not using a fancy device to talk with us on a forum from your HVAC/ heated home. Where would you get your butane / propane from to do your extractions if there wasn’t a big Corp refining it for you? Or even your ethanol, would you grow corn(1 bushel yields 2.8 gallons of 200p) ? I see nothing wrong with corps since I shop at Walmart/costco for certain things. When it comes to what Goes in my mouth I shop at whole foods and I’m still very selective there.


I do mostly hunter/farmer what I eat. What I don’t like about corporations is their take overs. Wiping the smaller guys out. That are making great products.


If you are a “smaller” guy making a subpar product it’s not large corporations that will “wipe” you out. If you are a “smaller” guy making an extraordinary product you will find your niche in the boutique market. This is how the industry will evolve. You will have your Walmarts for the masses and your whole foods for the people looking only for quality products. This is why Hoyt can make a carbon bow and have great success. On the other hand BPS still sells plenty of their black out bows.


Sounds fun! Why not build a standing plant and transport? Just a naive question. I don’t know if any mega chemical producers that do the mobile thing. Perhaps build one on train tracks like the Paris Gun?
I’d think you’d do this in a high corruption index country near a port? Maybe the same neighborhood where all the generic drugs are produced. God knows fresh fish can be shipped all across the globe. Hemp seems like child’s play in comparison. Dr. Reddy’s CBD, available at your nearest pharmacy!


Well You have a point constructing this extraction facility on a barge or ship that is registered in a country with apek friendly rules or non existant rules would be a better option than trailers for this magnitude


This magnitude and for something to be built from the ground up you need a process engineer. The extraction side is identical to oil refinery processing and application. Process engineers can build this very easily. They have extensive knowledge in fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. They always build compliant to OSHA. You can have it all hooked up on a PLC or DCS system. Where everything is run automatically and by a control board. You will just need to find a firm to design this. I would suggest an actually process operator to run the machine once built because they are the only ones with the minimal schooling on how to operate the machine.


I would look in the south Louisiana and Texas have some of the best ones out their. If you having a problem looking for one. Look up shell, Exxon, etc. contract companies that do this type of work. Than if no success call up schools that offer the program like LSU. They are all old engineers that on the easier path now but they can tell you the best companies in what you need. The ones that taught me have been in the business for over 30 years so you know their contacts are extensive.


And then we come to the 30k acres of greenhouse space…again


They can cheat that with 30k acres of bent sticks and plastic sheets :sunglasses:


Southern AZ can give you multiple outdoor harvests a year. Most of the lettuce and some other produce comes from down there with winter harvests