Ethanol Diamonds?

Okay so I read the OTSS Tech but I was wondering would Diamonds be achievable via ethanol crude in jars if it’s brought down to cryo temps in a chest of iso and dry ice?


If the solution was saturated and then brought down to cyro temps and allowed to evaporate slowly over a course of a month you’ll get some crystallization. The most important factor on the crystals forming I think is getting the alcohol to slowly evaporate with out pulling water in from the atmosphere. You could also try dropping dry ice into the solution in hopes the co2 will bind to the alcohol and cause the thc to precipitate out. The most important thing is getting your solution saturated or super saturated and evaporating slowly

I recommend watching a few videos on crystallization there are a few goods ones that explain how crystallization works in a solution and ways you can achieve this.


In a super saturated and purified ethanol solution I’ve seen crystallization at very low temps.

Crude, not so sure.


If You place them in a vacuum You can speed up the ethanol evaporation and keep water out


So what about a shit load of saturated unpurged eho?


Saturated etoh extract definitely will crystallize over time. Or at least some of my extracts have by accident. If you want to crash them out using “cryo” conditions you’ll need to find just the right amount of ethanol to leave in solution to allow for molecular mobility. Not impossible, but will be totally batch dependent based on the amount other solvents are present (terpenes, esters, ketones, alcohols, etc). Not sure exactly what temp thc-a becomes significantly less soluble in ethanol, at least to crash out, but i’m willing to bet it’s around -80 or below.


How long did that take? Care to give any tips? Works just like otss Tek in a way?

Absolutely beautiful!


Haha this was more like a serious neglect tech. This took roughly 2 months at ambient temps pressures. Material was hydrocarbon extracted and heavily winterized and filtered below 1u and left to sit untill vac oven space was available. Here’s the original thread I posed in Ethanol crystals - #50 by RowleyDS13 Hope this helps!


Looking for some clarity on EtOH crystals:

-80C biomass and EtOH
-rotovap distill EtOH
…this usually leaves me with ethanol crude that is dark almost black, tests 83-88% cannabinoid content.
——apparently 90%+ THCa would be sufficient saturation point.

+++If I take this crude and add to heated Pentane, then cryo freeze, purge and cap in vac oven @65F-85F = I should see crystal formation?
*Ratio of 1:1 based on weight (pentane:crude)

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What if you slowly added water over a period of time? Constantly reducing the affinity between the solvent and oil.


That definitely works for some compounds —-for that in which when you have a supersaturated solution

Chill solution, place cold distilled water drip (usually a 23-18 gauge needle that drips water into solution, causes the concentrated compound to crash out.
(Picture large glass Pyrex container with solution and something like a yogurt container suspended above with distilled water and needle poking through bottom to drip the h20 down into the solution — everything refrigerated and chilled to some preferred temp range)

I wondered if this works…for cannabis

However, when u dump cold water in — it will literally crash out powder (small very small crystals). The drip tek is for larger crystals. Which you then collect in filter and wash with distilled water to wash off methanol or whatever solvent was used.
Don’t know if this works for cannabis



water and ethanol make a milky emulsion when in the presence of oils like cannabinoids.
ethanol/water emulsion test


What if someone banged out dry ice kief let that dry and then washed the kief with R/O or bottled water then pressed that hard af while wearing nitrile gloves thru a 220 micron bag. Take that yellow (assuming cannabinoid containing) water emulsify that in a 70:30 ratio of 70 % ethanol to the 30% watered down yellow cannabinoid mixture. Winterize then filter then filter again with a.c. and d.e. if so chosen.

Do you think there’s more of an off chance that the water would only lower the percent of alcohol given there’s more alcohol than water in the mixture?

Cause I did that and I have the flask in my freezer and it hasn’t frozen or produced a milky tone. Maybe I can rotovap it and see if it’ll make the milky shit or not because of the obvious presence of water.

I think your d.e. may have absorbed the majority of your water.

If I were you I would try to remove as much of the water as you can while there is still ethanol present. That is if your end goal is a concentrate of some form.


but you wouldn’t deny the possibility of there being cannabinoids present via this kind of LLE.

It’s all about affinity.
Thc will dissolve in water, especially if it’s the only solvent. But really not much especially in cold temperatures. But hey, might as well boil it down and try?

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Just wanted to share…played around with some EtOH crude and was successful in getting the THCa to crystallize :raised_hands:

Sub-Zero Extraction (Fresh Cured Material)
Scrubbed with T5
Evaporate low and slow
Let sit for about a week in my lab which is maintained around 60-65°F


Pretty slick! What’d you do?? How’s the terps on it?

Terps are feint but more noticeable than my shatter

Giving her the taste test this afternoon