Ethanol Diamonds?


Oh man that looks nice :smiley: :smiley:


EHO Diamonds 200 proof ethanol extracted at -80c then Jared for two weeks. No burp. Room temp.


How fully do you guys evap the ethanol? Is it pretty much shatter first?


What ratio of solvent to oil?


Looks great!
Obviously no decarb step, I’m assuming you rotovaps off roughly 90-95% of etoh and transferred to jar…
I wonder if adding this EHO to a diamond pressure vessel like @Killa12345 makes would lower timeline.

@Killa12345 what’s your thoughts? Throw a seed crystal in…then set…pressurize to what psi And…inert gas or N2? I never got The sop for the miner wasn’t sure if you bleed down or pressure up for X days / etc
And the crossover to etoh would Be sweet.


Yes roughly 1-3% Ethanol after rotovap. Please keep in mind that starting material makes a huge difference, if THCA will crash out without light heat/cool cycles.


Any post processing before placing in a jar?


You killed it man look at those crystal structures. You got some really nice formations


Zero post processing on this run. Poured from rotovap boiling flask straight into clean jar. Sealed up for two weeks at 67 deg f. All credit to the cultivator on this one. We put very minimal effort into that jar.


How hot was your roto


We don’t go over 35c. It is a little slower, but with dual condensers on a 20L it makes up for lower temps.


I have make ethanol diamonds or thca crystals from refining co2 extract and supersaturating the ethanol solution in a rotovap then leaving it in a dark cabnet for about a week but never by ethanol extraction alone. I believe it is due to the polarity of ethanol. Any water in the solution doesn’t help. Hydrocarbons (butane, propane, hexane, ect) are all nonpolar. thca has the carboxylic acid group attached so is more polar compared to thc. Like dissolves like so ethanol will dissolve the thca before the thc which makes it hard to crash out thca from the solution.

So if your trying to make ethanol thca crystals make sure you use fresh material and cold temps to get the largest thca/thc ratio possible.