Chromatogram: 3% THC

Just wanted to see if anyone sees anything interesting in my Chromatogram. Funny how many Cannabinoids they still dont have samples of. Anyone actually know what the large peak is at the end after the Delta 8?


is this distillate?



Send it to a third party lab, ask them to help identify the compound. It would be worth knowing as it is a large part of your compound.


There is no way to identify that last peak just by looking at the chromatogram. every test uses a different method. under each method, the time each analyte (cannabinoid) as well as the order, will change every time.

perhaps if you had the spectra to match that peak we could “guess” but it would be far from accurate.

I would agree with soxhlet and send to another lab to double check


Maybe find a lab that can get a much better idea using mass spectrometry?


I think there is a post about THC imposters (isomers) that suggests that peak is likely Delta-10a-THC.

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May I ask what the percentage was for CBN and d8THC in your distillate?


Heres the results they sent me lol
lets just say ill be going else where for testing after this experience with SC labs

180316W014 Card.pdf (58.3 KB)

Was this a run done with adsorbents?

As shitty as 3% sounds … I’d actually say it’s possible - especially based on the chromatogram. If you were trying to convert to d8, you got a good chunk converted, but also have a whole bunch of other isomerisation issues going on.

Identifying exactly what these isomers are is going to be difficult and costly. CRM’s for these compounds simply don’t exist yet. I’ve emailed Cayman and Cerillient suggesting they look into it, but have obviously had no response.

Structural identification of these ‘mystery peaks’ also hasn’t really been done - and many of these isomers not only elute at similar times to other cannabinoids under many lab methods … but they also have near identical UV Spectra.

You’d need to send a sample for NMR analysis to be absolutely sure - otherwise wait a few years until the analytical game catches up and CRM’s for THC isomers become commercially available … at which point labs with HPLC and an appropriate method will be able to identify and quantify these compounds.


I agree with @Acicular, based on the relative concentrations on the chromatogram the results seem accurate. You have a large amount of the isomerized product (Likely D10aTHC) in the sample.


Any chance this distillate was made from CO2 crude or there was clay or charcoal in the boiling flask?

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Why do you ask if it was CO2?

It was warm extracted alcohol crude i believe with clay in the flask second pass

CBC maybe ?

can you seperate the spot via chromotography? do that and send out the purified sample to a lab who has an nmr they can use… or send it to me and I can get around to it.

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@coppertop heres some c bleach disty i made lol crazy

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Maybe that huge spike is in fact D10?? I spent a lot of time looking for who the hell posted those results I was referencing in the other thread, but maybe I was looking in the wrong place. This was from a long time ago so I doubt you still have the product, but I wonder if it would have crystalized with some pentane? Seeing as it looks like D10 does indeed crystallize.

I’m pretty sure i made this by using c bleach in the flask first and second pass lol might be worth a shot to try it again