Where oh where has my potency gone?

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Most often, testing facilities that are ‘full of shit’ are going to give you higher numbers rather than lower numbers. Certainly if it’s consistent. There is no cash gain in low numbers. So I’d take that hypothesis off the table if I were you.

You do however need to ask them for pictures (chromatograms) to back up their assertions…and you’ll need to post them here allow us to evaluate what might be going on.

While we wait for pictures, have you changed your vac pump oil in those 4 months?

If not, then that’s your problem. If you have, the next question is traditionally “what are your vac levels”. along with pointers to figuring our if the problem with your vac levels is a leak, or your pump.

eg Vacuum problems

if it’s not your pump. you’ll want to know how to use helium to find the leak.

as you might intuit by the use of “traditionally”, this is not the first, or even the second time this has come up.

Edit: then of course we send you over here…

Edit: you can even turn 70% delta 9 THC into 3% Delta 9. see: Chromatogram: 3% THC - #6 by 420fathermckenzie


water clear distillate. mostly isomerized.
3.78% delta 9THC
link to thread is above.


1k word substitute to back it up. same thread



more discussion on Shady Lab Results

This looks like a bad chromatogram to me. Why is the THC peak divided in half? Id guess THC is actually higher and they just didnt catch the bad integration. Someone should have caught this. There might also be another peak hidden in there, the peak shape is pretty bad.

Not to mention, the D8 and D9 peaks are not well resolved. Imagine that the peaks were well separated and the tails extended where they are overlapping. That is going to cause some error there too.

@Dissilitt: nope. have you watched this video? THC Imposters (Isomers)

Δ9-THC peak is tiny (~4%) compared to Δ8 peak (42%) , but it’s the unknown peak (possibly >40%) at almost the same size as the Δ8 peak that is the real issue. CBN (7%) is also much higher than Δ9-THC.

not using an FID, so peak area isn’t directly comparable, but it is still clear that this represents more than just a “bad chromatogram”. the cannabinod profile has been wrecked. presumably because vacuum level was low/temp was high.

Well yeah, there is the giant mystery peak, but you cant say the D8 and D9 peaks dont look like shit

Im not saying it explains your low potency, just some of it. The THC is split in half.

no, I can’t. however, the CBN peak looks symmetrical. which to me suggests the column and solvent gradient were probably close to spec. there is tailing on the large mystery peak, but it’s smaller buddy looks an appropriate shape.

OP posted as “hey, these idiots say I made distillate at 4% THC”. The 1k word substitute actually supports the labs call. if your distillation conditions are wrong, you can wreck your extract. blaming it on the lab won’t change that.

I’d even go so far as to possit that the failure to resolve Δ9 from Δ8 indicates that there is something else under/between them…

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True, everyone always wants to blame the lab, and this does look like degradation, but also I think the lab messed up here.

when i got some clear tested the lab had no idea what they were dong and i dont trust the results lol like dude only 53 percent? i had a similar result on mine and when i ask what the other 50 percent was they couldn’t even say

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Which most likely means they got the delta 9 numbers correct, but didn’t have their machine calibrated for delta 8. Not that they “didn’t know what they were doing”. Standards cost money. Calibration takes time.

They have rules to follow. The folks who made the rules had never seen how distillates can be wrecked, so most jurisdictions don’t require delta-8 numbers, let alone disclosures on mystery peaks.

so why would the lab go out of their way to buy standards and calibrate their machines.

Unless of course educated producers insist…


im having these issues recently. our crude was tested months ago at 64% and our disty was in the 80s. more recently we have been testing our disty and our potency is all over the place and low. 35% up to 60%. some has d8 some has none. and after 3 passes pretty much same process all the way through… i have a feeling its something simple like the biomass is shit? i was expecting to see more like 78%-88%… thoughts?

Has your biomass seen fire retardant?

There is scuttlebutt around here pointing in that direction for CA outdoor product from certain regions.


more than likely. we get material from up north most of the time but im not sure where our recent batches have come from, i will find out in the am

verified material from last season. how far do we think this fire retardant can spread? then ill have a better idea of what im working with


I have not run into this, nor confirmed.