Who is king of EToH Recovery?

I’m going to be updating my lab’s solvent recovery system here very soon. We’re currently running an old Spray-vap which can push 17-19 L/ Hr. We’re using 190 proof EToH. Looking to upgrade to a System that can handle a minimum of 40L/Hr up to 100L/Hr. We have 400 amps of 480v Three phase so power should be no issue. I know there are a few companies out there offering some really cool machines…anyone running any of the toys put out by Lab Society, Pinnacle Stainless, Bizzy Bee, Maratek etc… What’s your experience like with these machines? Are there any other manufacturers you feel I should consider? Any input is very much appreciated.


I’m partial to my design :sunglasses:


Future’s looks good, I’ve heard really good things about BZB. Capna has a new system on the market, not many details available yet. Those are the only three I’d be considering personally.

Pretty sure Lab Society just rebrands/resells Maratek units. They’re not bad for what they are but to my mind quite overpriced for what you get. The pinnacle system is good but quite expensive from what I hear.


Colorado Extraction Systems is killin the game right now


We bought an FFE from Senti Solutions, they are a Canadian company and have some very unique features available:

  1. They have a proprietary condensing Tek that they can dial in to leave as much or as little etoh in your crude as desired (10% if ur planning to go straight into winterization, or 0% if you want to go straight into decarb/distillation).
  2. We are having them build us a secondary stage post evap that will decarb and terp strip the crude.
  3. Their system doesn’t require a Chiller - the whole system is cooled with water.
  4. The system runs at atmospheric pressure so no vacuum or positive pressure needed (unless you tell them you want it).
  5. The 15kw system can be upgraded to 30kw or 45kw by simply adusting the power draw, evaporator temps, and feed rate - very little extra equipment needed.
  6. Very small footprint compared to the other systems I’ve seen. They install discharge pumps that will feed the evaporated etoh back to where it needs to go. Same with the crude - bring it to your reactor or wherever it needs to go.

Note: These are just my opinions so do your own due diligence… this is the unit we selected for our SF facility because the lead times were the quickest compared to others + we needed a custom solution because of space constraints (our falling film will be installed partially up on the walls of the 150sqft extraction room). I’m not a rep for Senti and I have yet to see their unit in action. I think there are many great options out there - based on what I’ve read so far, the Agile Stainless unit that Future posted above is a powerhouse and reasonably priced (I don’t know about lead times), my third choice would be Pinnacle because their FFE ties well into their AES extraction skid and everything is digitally monitored which is a plus for data collection/analysis. BizzyBee takes the trophy for the most beautifully designed system, regardless of it’s opperating specs I think that thing is sexy af :sunglasses:.


I am a strong proponent of both the Pinnacle and the Bizzy FFE. Spoiler alert, announcing Bizzys GLG affiliation later today!

NBOler makes a nice custom one as well.

TruSteel has a good design but I’ve heard bad things about the quality of his steel, specifically rusting in the heat exchangers.

@Stevesgoods the CES glass tube was nice 3-4 years ago when it was the only option, but at this point it’s horribly over priced for what it is capable of. The v1 agile unit is cheaper and rocking 1gpm on the low end of the heating/cooling calculation, v2 is even faster. I had v1 running at 2gpm for brief periods.


Could you send me a link for these units? Cause I’m in the market for a new unit and would love to get my hands on something that is cheaper and better

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Sure, if you want to pay out the ass for not very much recovery capacity


Hit up @agilestainless on IG tell em I sent you


ohhhhh she fine. I’ll be in touch with the agile cats very soon.


CES killed the game 4 years ago. now theyre outdated and overpriced. automated flood machine when the peristaltic tube breaks. Mike allen doesnt even make that nice of glass either

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The King…

This guy in his repurposed shed, with his make shift setup recovering 160L an hour.

Under $16k invested :rofl:

His name is Tom aka king of clandestine.



Does he make those in smaller versions?

Got any other specs, or pictures?

How many kW of cooling needed? Is this machine vac assist? are components all SS? How is the oil collected and where is the recovered EToH sent? All the specs you can dish would be greatly appreciated. Ho do I get ahold of Tom? Or is he TOO clandestine to be gotten ahold of haha



5 Ton Goodman “clandestine Iced Tech”
9k W heating element
Vac assisted
Condescender @ 25f
All stainless.



that things flowin’.:sunglasses:
So its got an electrically heated re-boiler?
you know what they are doing for cooling the condenser?

26kw gets you 42gph thats only .6kw per gallon. Very impressive.