Who is king of EToH Recovery?



Can you explain the clandestine iced tech?


Sounds like direct refrigeration that he put together himself. More details would be interesting. I created a thread on building a DIY chiller from a chest freezer. Almost all of the cost goes into filling the freezer with glycol. Check that out for a high-capacity DIY chiller:

@IKnowNothing surely you’ve got a stirrer in that reactor? Are the condensers tube/shell or just jacketed cylinders?


Something in the math doesn’t add up here. There’s got to be more heating or cooling somewhere in the system or it’s not actually doing 160L/hr or the laws of thermodyamics have broken somewhere along the line.

For 160 L/hr of evaporation/condensation you need about 32 kW (~9.2t) each of heat and cooling, and that’s assuming 100% efficiency.


@wakawakalj What if someone told you to forget everything you know…

Just a dialed in machine with outside the box thinking.
@hambread Agitation in starting vessel, proper vacuum assist, correct temperatures.

That video is actually 4L a minute with a single condensing tube.


@IKnowNothing I’d tell them to prove it.

The heat of vaporization of ethanol is well established, and thermodynamics doesn’t change from place to place. If you’re evaporating ethanol, you have to put in 38 - 42 kJ/mol (~ 650 - 725 kJ/L) of energy, give or take. If you’ve figured out a way around that (other than manipulating temperatures/pressures to depress that number), you’ve successfully broken the first law of thermodynamics and should be getting ready to accept your nobel prize, not posting cryptic messages on an internet forum.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

The only way I can see the energy balance even close to working is if you’re dropping the boiling point a fair bit below ambient temperature with vacuum, so that the heating is minimized. But that doesn’t negate the chilling/condensing energy requirement.


@wakawakalj Where do I sign him up for said prize?
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@wakawakalj This thread was asking a question about who was the king… I was just answering.
Not asking for specs so you can recreate and mass produce.

King “Tom”


Is that a steady-state condition or just vaporizing some quantity quickly soon as it hits the preheated parts? Got any video of this unit filling up a graduated cylinder or other measuring device?

An old boss (who, incidentally enough, was completely full of shit) said there’s a lot of people in this industry who are exaggerate their equipments capacity by a factory of ten…


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This was my understanding as well.


I appreciate your response and time, but I was specifically asking for a machine which could be purchased. That’s gnarly if “Tom” can really hit those numbers and even more impressive if he can actually do it at the 16k price point but neither is of much service to me if he isn’t either selling the tech or the equipment :man_shrugging:


VOBIS / SciPhy Systems quoted us one for >$225K that will do 750L/Hour


“Toms” system looks decent, a massive pot evaporator and dual condensors. I do like it, but batch evaporators tend to leave a higher possibility of product degradation due to high residence time.

Speed up your evap by spraying preheated solution into an empty hot evaporator. auto drain and recirculation for that low residence time.


@IKnowNothing you’re kidding right!?:joy: no one has time for the games. This is what the post is asking

How is anyone supposed to consider a system without specs? That’s right you don’t. It’s called a spec sheet. You know the thing you download that every manufacturer provides for everything they sell. I don’t understand why people are so damn scary :thinking:


Is anyone using the bizzybee or ffe from Delta seperations?


Would this concept work while doing it under vacuum?


its absolutely necessary


We went with Advance Distillation, fair price and great to deal with. They have 100L / hour.



If you buy a recovery unit from anyone other than Pinnacle Stainless you are messing up.


Really? If you ask me - if you buy a pre-fabricated evaporator that is marketed to cannabis industry … you are messing up.

However I’ve heard nothing but good things about Pinnacle’s Solvent Recovery Skid and their customer relations.