Washing Machine "Salad Spinner" tek



PVC has a “C” rating with Ethanol and gets brittle when really cold. Could be problematic. Silicone has a comparability rating of “B” with Ethanol

PVC chemical compatibility chart

Silicone Chemical Compatibility Chart


Why did you only use it for a short time? It sounds like you stopped using it. Or have you only had it for a short while and are still using it?


It belonged to a former business partner who wanted it back.


Got it. Thanks.


So i found out that the bags delta use are at 80 micron, incase anybody wanted to know what size they decided on.


I use cotton. Pilowcase made with a heavy weave we call damast here in europe and a tyrip to close them
Once done cut the tyrip shake bag cleane and use again
And When all done i put a industrial filtersock in the panda of 1 micron held in place by a tube with holes in em
And filter all My fluïd with the panda
Pumping the fluid in with a submersible aquarium pomp


There was no need to vandalize washing machine. With original controller attached user could actually go into the service mode and then you could select any
desirable function.
You can even change the speed of the motor from the main control board.


That would seem to depend on the starting point. All of the washing machines I’ve torn into have had mechanical/analog “timer” switching that selected given functionalities. Have not run into a single one with digital logic control.

Which machine(s) are you referring to, and can you provide links to documentation to allow others to avoid unnecessarily vandalizing their brand new washers?


This particular machine on the video comes with digital display or no display or no display. But on the technician manual tells you the combination how you can get into the diagnostic mode.
LG machines are the best For modification because they have rpm sensor so you can actually dial up exact speed as you want it. Plus their tubs are stainless steel and heater built in

Now let’s say you have a machine and you need a controller. You can use any controller from any machine. All you will have to do to bypass door switch, pressure sensor and may be temperature sensor. all it takes for the board is electricity. And then look at the connector for the motor. That’s all you will need. Power in. Power out to motor
Some of the washing machine just now have simple option drain and spin. I think that’s what you want because pump to be activated at the same time


or with the analog version, just remove the wire powering the motor to the “timer”. then you can set it wherever you want and it will stay there.


And then all user has to do just pull on or off the knob


Thank you kali4nian!!! Finally someone with some electrical/electronics backround willing to share, much love brother!


Is it safe to assume these panda units would not be allowed by the fire marshal in various states? Has anyone had inspection with one present?


It’s definitely not C1D1 or anything and each fire department is different. I’ve heard of FD’s in CA having some pretty strict requirements.

I use precautions like moving air around my lab when using it. I am not sure who is going to care yet, but so far, nobody is really asking about my equipment and process. Since I basically use bucket tek, that has allowed me to bypass any real questions about what I do. WA only cares about “extractors”, and things that use pressure.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to find something to replace it w/o having to spend like 85k for a CUP.


That’s awesome. They seem safe, I just never know who cares about what.

Does anyone know what Oregon thinks about the panda in the rec lab or hemp world?


Your mileage will vary by Fire Marshal imo.

The 2018 NFPA section 38 on cannabis extraction is pretty explicit.


I ordered some of these felt polypropylene bags to experiment with after I received a few pounds of finely powdered hemp for free (had to be free, I was not about to pay money for that headache). 50 micron, 10 micron, and 1 micron. Does anyone know of any tricks to sealing the tops before throwing them in the panda?




I tried twisting it and using zipties (what I assume we call tyrips in my part of the world?) but the damn felt material is too thick (definitely getting mesh instead of felt next order). Though it just occurred to me than I can probably just roll up the opening to the material and ziptie the whole bag together vertically… I’ll give that a go. Also, @Roguelab, I just realized when I re-read your post with the pictures that you’re running all of your fluid through the panda. I initially assumed that would damage the machine, but from the looks of it I guess my assumption was wrong. Looks like it makes things much faster. Thanks for the tip!


I just use all mesh bubblebags. They come with a string to close the top.

No issues so far through with quite a few extractions which run 7 to 10 bags 2x through the panda.