Washing Machine "Salad Spinner" tek



Sounds like a step in the right direction.


If someone sends me a Panda I’ll tear it to pieces and post pictures.


Then look seriously at which parts should be re-manufactured to make heptane denatured ethanol and acetone safer.

if you want C1D1 I’m going to suggest pedal powered :slight_smile:

Edit: I’d also take a Hobart and will release any mods as open source
(with CAD files if the answer is CNC in PTFE, or 3D in HDPE).


Having just fired a panda up for a few gallons run through, it was not a good time. The panda worked great, the bag I got, bubblebagdude 5 gallon all mesh 220 bag fit very nicely in the panda.

Well, that bag was a mess to use, because it was way to coarse. I had to rush try to filter all of the flow through in a buchner before it could warm up while kief was still there to impart undesirables. Well there was no rushing, because a Whatman 11 micron filter paper clogs badly under strong vacuum with kief and cryo ethanol. After half an hour of clogging multiple filters and not yet through a gallon of solution, I fabricated a 25 micron screen out of another bubble bag. This still clogged badly, but it worked just enough if I cleaned it every 5 minutes to get through the rest of solution… after another two hours of standing over a funnel…

I have got to get a 25 micron all mesh, or I’m never doin this again


the right bags are probably key. required filtration is dependant on grind.

I don’t know what mesh Delta Separations send with the CUP, but I had problems with the amount of biomass escaping into the solvent stream when I used a Futurolla to grind.

if you do decide to ditch the Panda in favour of real tooling, I’m in Eugene and will pay for shipping.


Sounds like your ready to rip and tear! It would be cool to manufacture an upgrade kit to make your panda c1d1/ solvent compatible. Air motor on the dirve? Most people already have a big screw compressor.


Taking the top off the panda makes it so much better, Just use your own lid, and watch out for the sharp edges.


Yeah, putting the 220 micron kief bag into a 25 micron is key. Regardless, kief is still messy. I just did my first -20c etho run with trim and nug and the 220 bag works wonders with the panda. Pulled 1200 ml from 17lb. There’s still 100-200 ml left in the roto flask. Rotoed out all the etho and couldn’t get the last bit iut. Gonna throw some etho in and get it out, maybe get 1500ml. I’m hopefully never running kief again.


I think the delta bags are 185 micron.


25 micron filter paper is what i used. Again, kief sucks to work with. Btw, what sized buchner are you using? I have a 185mm one hooked up between 2 5 gal stainless chambers. I get through 5 gal within an hour with kief in it.


coffee filters are a cheap substitute for 25ish microns.


If you go with the coffee filter option, you can get larger versions at restaurant supply stores for cheap.


How did the mega spinner work out?


Bumping this up to the top. What bags are you guys using for your pandas? I bought a few 100 and 600 micron 7x16 and 7x32 dudadiesel filter socks. it sounds like I’ll want to run 2 of them one inside the other for fine grind material?


Since the panda was getting clogged with larger micron bags, would a 10 micron or even a 1iu be better and not allow finer particles to make it way into the panda?

I found a smaller bag on ebay. Pretty cheap also.


From what I’ve read in this thread the best method seems to be a 100-200 micron inside a 20-25 micron. I’ve also read that you might want to run 2 smaller diameter bags side by side s ok that that can me easier to get in and out. Unless you’ve chopped the top off your panda. I have yet to attempt a first run, I was hoping to get a better sop for the panda before attempting it.


25 micron bags are only necessary if you are running kief. I’m using 160-220 micron for trim/nug that’s been grinded to coarse mill. It’s definitely dependant on what mill size you are running.


Hey Just fyi, Acetone is a ketone and ketones are notorious for being incompatible with certain polymers. You can look at different types of tubing on McMaster and get a good idea about compatibility.


anyone tried one of these


check this 1925 BOCK ad.


Is pvc and pure silicone a no no with ethanol? I had a booboo which required a ghetto fix.


Yes. I used one for a short while. Worked wonderfully, spun my bags super dry! Well worth the price.