Washing Machine "Salad Spinner" tek



i run 2 of those felt bags parrallel to each other to counterbalance each other. i cut the plastic ring off the top and just fold the tops downward into themselves. havent had any give yet.


5 gallon 220 bubblebag with a drawstring here. into the panda spin it dry till the cycle is up and directly through my filter press.


The pliers You use to cut the ripty once. Needed Blunt the outher tips they might damadge your bag


Has anyone used one of these for getting the last bit of ethanol out of the material and or seen one in action? kinda looks like the one pinnacle stainless is selling i think?


For the record, this is probably off the table at this point.

I stumbled over a couple of Panda’s and a Hobart that had clearly seen extraction duty. However, I also had an explosion proof Bock 755 in the same warehouse, so the Panda’s have not gotten any of my attention.


I thought people were using heptane denatured alcohol in a panda w/o any issues


The Romans figured lead made great water pipes. They weren’t wrong, but there are definitely better solutions.

Having not torn one apart, or done any compatibility research on the plastics, I couldn’t tell you one way or the other.

They were not designed for anything but water, so running ethanol through them in a licensed lab will be an issue eventually…ie the moment anyone actually looks at your process.


Totally. Hopefully by that time, I’ve made enough money to change it up. Always looking for another options that doesn’t cost 85k


That Bock 755 only cost me $9k off eBay.

I let it go before spinning it up, but believe it’s a decent option. Needing a lift to get the bags out doesn’t seem ideal, but the price was right, and it has found a home processing hemp with a client who just had to have a centrifuge now!