Very New to BHO and Need Advice!

Hello all!
I am very new to BHO extraction and need some advice to improve the quality of my concentrates! I am currently running semi-frozen (deep freezer) bho from a recovery tank into a non-sleeved/non-jacketed 4" by 24" column. I have a very small crc filter with a welded disk inside of it which supposedly should work for CRC, although I’m not sure if an upgrade would be beneficial. I only run roughly 450-500 g at a time and would replace the crc filter media after each run. I have a feeling my bho is not getting cold enough and was wondering what upgrades would serve me best at this beginner level of extraction. Is it worth it to use dry ice around the solvent in order to chill it colder? or is it not worth it to chill solvent if I upgraded to a sleeved column with denatured alc and dry ice around it as the column will already be pre chilled? I am trying to create as high quality an extract as I can, without breaking the bank and buying a chiller, full jacketed columns, etc. Here are some pictures of my current setup. Is it worth it to get rid of the T fitting, and run a longer 6" spool column where that was to pack different layers of crc media? I also took a long time (6-8 hours) to passively recover my butane at 110 degrees Fahrenheit as I wasn’t using dry ice on the recovery tank. Material I ran was 12-16 months old as well which also played a fact. 80% bud and a small amount of shake. Also, I see some CRC systems that are external and was wondering if there’s a benefit to running it that way or if running it inline would work fine. Any help or advice is very appreciated, and I appreciate you for taking the time to read this. Hope everyone’s having a good day!

Here is the “CRC” filter, although I feel as if its almost too small and could only be used to catch additional waxes before they reach the collection

vessel. Was going to use @waxplug1 's 0.22um sintered filter but am waiting until they release the dual sided tri clamp version so I can hang it after my crc column.

Here is a sleeved column I’m considering upgrading to, anyone know if it’s worth it or if I can find one cheaper that’s still decent quality? Here is a link to the sintered filter I wanted to hang from the bottom of my little CRC/future bigger crc column.

Just chill solvent with dry ice and alcohol in a trash can. Also no reason to recover over 95 degrees, if you have old trim I would start my powders at roughly 80 grams/lb of W1 or t5 or t41 with a bed of DE on sintered disk and then add or remove powder as needed. Push through a little slower that will help powders work better, if your not chilling your solvent with dry ice then a lot of your problem is your grabbin more unwanted plant material because of warm butane. As small as spools as you are running I wouldn’t wast my money on a jacketed spool. Freeze your trim or material if you want but the -50 butane will be just fine, that’s what I do. Also on recovery you gotta dry ice your solvent recovery tank and heat your collection buddy and your 6 hr recovery time will turn into 20-30 min.


I run the .22um works great have had 0 issues. Just put after crc before collection and boom sub micron filtration.


I would take out your inline sight glass and put in the .22um filter in its place. Minimizing points of failure is a good practice, those sight glasses are not the most reliable especially if just a cheaper one. You have one of your collection so no real need for the inline one.


Wow man, you answered more questions than I could have hoped for. Thank you very much! what size/diameter of the filter did you end up going with? I was thinking of using the bigger one as I thought it would have higher flow rate. Could I see any more pics of the rest of your setup with how do you suspend the material column off the ground and where is the CRC column in relationship to that? Do you have a sintered disk filter/something to catch the waxes before it hits the CRC column, and a filter to catch the powders before it hits the .22um or do you just run the .22um after the media?

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Ok so it would be the media packed in layers in the CRC column, above a sintered disk thats 1 micron or 5? and then that goes out of a NPT ball valve to the top of the 0.22um filter?

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Sorry for so many questions, just seems like you’ve got it down really well. Pics of the setup would help me out a lot! I’m going to rebuild mine and possibly build some form of frame.

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Yes and since you don’t have a dewax spool you could either run activated alumina and some silica 60 on top of clays to catch fats and garbage. Or your other option is to get a another jacketed spool for dewax big enough for the amount of solvent your using (ask @Killa12345 ) for advise on that he the numbers guy if I remember on here and can help with anything else as far as size and making something work. He also has good prices and carries quality steel.
I would deff rack or wall mount your system. Way safer and just ease of use. I just use the hanging brackets so I can remove my spools as I need.

I run 4x12 crc for a 5lb system and have a 5um sintered, I have zero flow issues, I’m rarely over 20psi on my whole system at anytime.
I would deff get a filter plate for paper filters at the bottom of your material column if you don’t have one, I run bvv fast and slow papers I forgot what micron they are for each but you can look that up if you want.
You should also really look into getting a molecular sieve for your recovery side to keep your butane dry and hopefully your distilling your butane before hand. If not then that’s the first step you need to do.

Actually now that I looked at your pics better you need to stop everything and order all high pressure tri clamps before you or someone gets hurt. Those clamps you have are only good for vacuum.

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i’m fucking jealous dude.


You MAKE Butane Honey/Hash Oil. (BHO)

What you got in your freezer is BUTANE**…and THAT is a dumb place to have it.


we even have freezers blowing up without added butane/propane these days…because we’re using it as a refrigerant…Refrigerator explodes inside family home in West Palm Beach - YouTube

** if you’re tapping cans, chances are you’re not using straight butane: What's in YOUR solvent tank (today)?


Ok I’ll make sure to upgrade those clamps, and look into a mole sieve. As I can’t move my system and mount it to anything like your fancy setup I think I’m going to have to stay with a standard sintered disk 2" tri clamp filter like (this is a 4" but same concept) this. for a 1 lb column what would be an acceptable CRC column size? Was thinking of doing a 2" by 6" or maybe a 2x8" spool to pack my media into, then adding a sintered 1 micron disk with a 5um filter paper. Would that be enough to keep it all out of my final product? Just trying to make the best crc filter I can while still having it inline with my system under my material column. It would go material column, 4" sintered disk filter to catch early waxes and fats, CRC column (2 x 6" or 2 x 8" spool), another 2" sintered disk filter 1 um with a filter paper and retaining ring, and then directly into collection. Also was thinking I could just run something like this and take the top and bottom end pieces off to run just the middle section inline. What’s the benefit to putting those disks in between media layers? Does it reduce channeling? Thanks again man. I’m also very jealous of the setup

Yes you can.

You might not be able to mount it to a wall, but you absolutely CAN rack mount it.

Try: Search results for 'Diy rack' - Future4200

The last thing you want to do is make a teetering tower pipe bomb.


Get someone to make you a tripod with high pressure clamps.

Idofabs sells these The C.R.C. Moon Lander - Filter Media Packing Station | IndoFab Solutions

@Killa12345 made this

You could do a bidirectional flow to the CRC to the collection.

I don’t use my setup indoors but here’s an example of the 3" high pressure quadpod @Soxhlet (indofabs solutions) made me.

I tout quadpods and stands as a cheaper alternative to racks but at the price of two stands you could have someone make you a rack at your local welder I think @StoneD dropped a diagram/blueprint you can bring to a local welder that comes out to usually 350-500 depending on who you go to.

Here’s what my old 2" dewaxing column quadpod setup looked like. I don’t run indoors BTW I only run outdoors. Closed Loop Design Contest.... - #26 by GroovyOctopusLabs

Hope these help.


Yes I can probably find it if someone needs it…if u need it longer just add feet to it

Was like $350 casters (wheels) and all…I sanded and painted w chrome Rust-Oleum looks great mow

Crude pic of it

I.made.brckets for the clamps to hold it to the rack outta the next size tubing up and welded the blue rack clamp to the drop over bracket…then I can take it off if need be


So this would mean just adding valves to send the gas out, into the crc chamber, and then back in to the collection? Similar to to a rack mounted setup but with just the crc chamber out.

So its just a dewaxing column and crc going straight to collection?