Vape-Jet Automatic Cartridge Filler

The Vape-Jet is an automatic cartridge filling solution, that fills between 400 and 1100 cartridges per hour completely automatically. We are proud to say we have the most advanced solution available on the market, and have taken over a year of feedback and real-world filling data to refine and perfect our design.

Notable Features:

  • 100% electrical design. No compressed air or pneumatics are used.
  • Pressurized dispense path. We pressurize the dispense path with clean N2 in order to allow low temps to be used through the process, even with highly viscous distillates.
  • Safe dispense path. Our entire dispense path is made from Stainless Steel, PTFE, and Ceramics. Nothing else.
  • Automatic Alignment. We use machine vision and machine learning to fill directly to foam trays without the need to transfer your carts to another jig.
  • Lab-Tested & Calibrated Pump. Every pump we include in our device is independently calibrated and certified. We see a ± .007% variance and ±.006ml accuracy on most pumps.
  • Filling Data. We capture an enormous amount of data while filling, and provide this to the user via reports.
  • Center Post Avoidance. We measure the center-post alignment of every cartridge, and the system can be setup to skip cartridges that are bent beyond acceptable ranges.
  • Remote Support. Every machine we create comes with 1 year warranty and service. Because of our software driven design, we also provide remote assistance, calibration, and troubleshooting for our customers. From inside the machine GUI you can open a chat-window which connects you directly with our entire engineering support team.
  • Adjustable Heights. Because our camera system is entirely motorized, you can easily switch between cartridge types with the push of a single button.

We are more than happy to provide remote demonstrations of the system, as well as in-person demonstrations in our facility in Tigard Oregon.

Instagram Story / Videos:

We just finished writing the code to allow all V3 machines to fill pod style cartridges! Existing machines will receive the new code update this upcoming Friday.