This manual cartridge filler has been released, you can find it here:

OLD POST FOR YOUR ARCHIVE PLEASURE: I’m gauging interest in stainless steel filler reservoirs for the hsw unimatic continuous fill syringe.

^This guy right here^

This poll is less shameless as I don’t wanna overstock.

  • 750-1000ml reservoir/filler combo for 500
  • 200-300ml reservoir/filler combo for 400

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What you will get:

  1. A German filler syringe sold in one of the most impressive broker chains on the planet
  2. A 304 Stainless reservoir that is heated won’t get you in trouble for residuals
  3. A teflon hose that is heated and won’t interact with your “mix”
  4. A stylish lab stand BUY THIS YOURSELF
  5. Controllers for the line and reservoir heaters

Contact surfaces are 304 & 316 Stainless steel, PTFE, and Glass (Borosilicate)

I will also offer dlc like a stainless splitter for dual wielding and individual components.

Thank you for your time.


What’s the price on them?

It’s on the poll. It takes out the dollars sign i guess

$500 for the big one and $400 for the little one. If you get just the res and heating element, like 300 for the big one and 200 for the little one

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Oh my bad I totally glanced right over that.
Not bad pricing at all

Hopefully I’m not the only one that thinks this. I don’t like disty/terp mix heated for longer than absolutely necessary. Smaller batch and more of them is the way I think.


It’s the only reason it will be offered as the materials cost about the same for them

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How about a stainless syringe tube for the allflex guns? That would be sweet

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Why tho? The glass tube is costs like 2 dollars. If I were to make a separate custom 2ml stainless barrel , it would jack up the price like 20 dollars and you would lose the ability to monitor your fills

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They are not glass they are 25ml and plastic. I’m pretty sure they leach bpa when heated and they can’t go in the dishwasher

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That’s why I made my design. its 200-1000 ml. If you want to go smaller, you can always drop a 20 ml glass syringe into the allflex heater barrel and use it like a res


I’m always doing 25 .5ml orders. Lol that’s way too much gear to clean out and mess with for 13ml oil batches haha. But a 25ml stainless tube replacement would be perfect


Makes sense. The guys at 50 shot chose the tool they chose because most of the fillers are small scale. This is for the people that be charging 10 for 1ml carts and have to trim the fat in their process but don’t want to pay 6k for a thompson duke. This thing does an ungodly amount of fills per hour.


So by the piston moving back it pulls the next dose in? Me likey…

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Yes, it takes about half to a full second to reset at 90/10 viscosity

I see you took my design I showed ya.

The syringes were good as a stopgap, but unfortunately they are not a marketable product. I sold them at cost. Thank you for putting me on to gravity fed, I’d be using a pressure pot and a dip tube if it weren’t for you. You saved everyone 1000.

The teflon line is @killa12345 's idea. Steel is coming from him too.

The uniflex is mine, been using it since aug 18. Soxhlet used a different allflex that inspired mine. Best way to fill 1000+ 1 ml luer lock Syringes with raw distillate - #52 by qma

Heat tape comes from the cloud. It’s better than the heat lamps utilized in the thompson duke, solely because you can throw a insulator on and have uniform heating.


i think ptfe is a better line idea


Ptfe is teflon but without DuPont’s marketing magic :fireworks:

@greggoose710 PTFE works much better than silicone hose. Unless that is nalgene; if it is, lmk I would love your data on it. I’m about to take that controller clamp idea though, I was gonna have em on the table next to the equipment. :rofl:

If your filler is right handed, its better to ofset to the right side. That way your window is visible looking down. Why use so much hose? That will add to the total price and transfer loss each run.

I’m utilizing threaded components for easy break down. I’m thinking about quick change lines, but it will add a good 15-25 dollars to the price, and the time it takes to run boiling ethanol thru the system kinda makes recoiling a heat belt pointless.

Unless the customer is wealthy, in which case they can just buy replacement hose/heater assembly’s for ~125 dollars for every batch. I can see 1 dirty batch ruining some poor wooks day.


I would love one . Can you set it to do whatever increment you want? .5 or .6 or 1 gram or whatever ?