Speedmixer use in cannabis?

Article on Skunkpharm about a “Speedmixer”, which is a “Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge”. They talk about using it for grinding/ milling but I’m curious what else this could be used for.

Personally, I think a purpose built milling machine that uses blades to cut instead of crush is a better option since there would be less heat created. But, what would this do to a hash oil?

New form of budder or something else completely? I’m just spitballing here, no idea, just novel and I like novelty.

I would link to the website, but not sure if that’s ok or not. A simple google of the terms finds it pretty easily.


The Flak Tek Speed Mixer?


Wow. Good catch.

So it’s useful in making sugar. Novel product, not sure I think the market is eating up $10k of sugar regularly around here.

Maybe one day, it seems like fun tech to play with. But, I ain’t got it like that.

it will also do a great job of mixing terps or other diluent into distillate. although one that can handle a kg of distillate is more than $10k I believe.

watched one in action. really neat tek. 1/2 a dozen of us couldn’t really figure out where it fit into our process…and near as I could tell we all still wanted one :wink:

my fav demo was turning a cup of gummi-bears into pour-able goo. if cannabinoids were added with the gummi-bears, you could go from bears to dosed gummies in 10min.


What’s this thing got that my ninja blender doesn’t?


no sharp bits to remove unwanted fingers?


I sometimes wonder if I “fit” in this industry. But that statement about wanting one because it’s such neat tech, even though the cash benefit isn’t there… I get warm fuzzies from that statement.

Novelty is fun, even if it doesn’t always pay in cash benefits.

I’m about 30k foot from needing to make dosed gummies yet, but I’ll ask my money men and maybe I can have the neat toy to play with too. At this point in my lab price quote, what’s another $10k? :grin:

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Significantly less transfer loss, I imagine. Haha.

Hey guys SpeedMixer Expert here. Full disclosure I am affiliated with the SpeedMixer folks.
But I’m not here just to “plug” the machine. I am and have been legitimately involved in Cannabis R&D in Colorado on both the CBD and MIP side of things.

In short, I bought a SpeedMixer to accomplish my formulations months before getting involved with the company.

So far we have figured out 7 processes the SpeedMixer can do for Cannabis. Heatless Terpene/Distillate introduction, Whipping, Purging solvents, Infusing, Emulsifying (nano/micro), Extracting, and Grinding/Milling.

Process times can be as short as 30 seconds for say infusing powders sugar, salt etc. For the other processes it can take as long as just a few minutes.

The SpeedMixer can come in a number of size ranging from 100g capacity up to 10kg capacity. But when your process times are just a few minutes you often can get away with a smaller machine because of the fast throughput. The most popular size in the industry at the moment is a 500g capacity version called the DAC600. With many opting in for a vacuum version than can go down to 3 torr.

We have achieved 0ppm RSA in less than 5 minutes straight out of an ETS on tests performed in Colorado. This was for a shatter product.

There is no clean up with this machine as there is no blades or cross contamination because everything is contained within the cup perfect for GMP and ISO processes.

I don’t want to drone on in a long post but if you guys have any other questions I’ll try to answer as best as I can.



I don’t have sugar in the near future sights for my lab, not yet at least. But to go from BHO crude to a 0ppm RSA AND make crumble within < 10 minutes of pulling it out of the extractor, seems like one heck of a time savings to me.

The question then becomes, how many batches of crumble do I need to sale in order to pay off this equipment?


I’m interested in information on the solvent purging and nanoemulsifying applications of this. Do you have any articles or other information you can share? Their website is rather sparse on real info.


Hey BigOil! Indeed the efficiency saves quite a bit a time. So much so that we had one client make their ROI in just 5 weeks essentially from the man hours saved in whipping alone. That is on the DAC600 Vacuum SpeedMixer. (500g Capacity)


Wakawakalj - Below are some research papers using the SpeedMixer DAC (Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge) for nanoparticles, primarily liposomes. These papers vary in nm range depending on final application from 60nm - 200nm with demonstrated higher encapsulation efficiencies than traditional homogenization methods.

Dual asymmetric centrifugation (DAC)—A new
technique for liposome preparation 2008
Ulrich Massing, Sanja Cicko, Vittorio Ziroli

Matrix liposomes: A solid liposomal formulation
for oral administration 2014
Silvia F. Pantze, Johannes Parmentier, Götz Hofhaus and Gert Fricker

Lecithin-based nanostructured gels for skin
delivery: An update on state of art and
recent applications 2014
Yosra S.R. Elnaggar a,Wessam M. El-Refaie b, Magda A. El-Massik,
Ossama Y. Abdallah

Development and optimization of a new
processing approach for manufacturing
topical liposomes-in-hydrogel drug
formulations by Dual Asymmetric
Centrifugation 2016
Sveinung Gaarden Ingebrigtsen, Nataša Škalko-Basnet, Ann
Mari Holsæter

As far as solvent removal goes, that data is all internal at the moment however I am currently working on getting data to publish using Cannabis materials specifically.

Conceptually speaking, during the mix cycle a focal point is created that is a continuous “thin film” exposure allowing for all the solvent to reach the surface and escape. With the low boiling points of butane and propane this is often enough to purge it. To get a cleaner/deeper solvent removal, vacuum can be utilized to drop the temperature even lower and assist in any stubborn gas bubbles. This is all still happening in just a few minutes.


Thanks for all the info, do you have any information regarding purging of ethanol or iso with the DAC600?


WolfeXtracts you can ultimately purge virtually any solvent under vacuum conditions. This nifty tool https://www.sigmaaldrich.com/chemistry/solvents/learning-center/nomograph.html can help determine at what temps/pressures that would occur.

In the case of ethanol and IPA, at 3 torr/mmHG you would be boiling off at sub 20°C (~Room temp) possibly even under 10°C depending on the azeotrope.

In respect to this application the SpeedMixer is functioning as a thin-film rotovap without a heat bath. What we don’t know quite yet is the recovery efficiency. Say if you wanted to run the vacuum line with a condenser column to recollect ethanol or IPA.

Hope that helps.


Do you by chance remember the parameters (RPMs, run time, etc.) used to mix up gummies?

:grin: I happened to be lucky enough to have one of these bad boys in my make shift lab for experiments. We had a rep come out for training purposes and let’s just say it’s an amazing piece of equipment. As mentioned the units to do a kg are not 10k they are closer to 30k. So far it has been used a handful of times and the rep couldn’t get it to do what we wanted so we have some fancy lab art at the moment. Hopefully when I’m back up for more R&D I get it to work for us. If I can find a video I will post it. :joy::joy::joy:


The cup is where the majic happens.


Interesting find on one of the experiments done with the speed mixer. Seems like one of the Kief/ ethanol mixes started to crystallize.


We had a rep come in and demo the unit, the price was too high for our application, was a neat machine but when asking for the price on the 1kg unit or bigger, the guy brought out the song and dance.

We mixed up terps with distillate and the mixing action makes a bit of heat with friction.

We also put flower in the jar and it ground down the flower with out any blades.

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