Anyone experiment with this? I vaguely remember someone talking about using a subwoofer in their THCA crystallization, but I came across this reactor below and it piqued my interest for CBD crystallization. It claims to be able to decrease impurities and give better crystal uniformity.

Only The Strong sauce tek

I had been wondering how ultrasound might help crystallization and…there it is! Bet you could toss some capped Boro media jars in a sonicator to induce nucleation.


Oooo, that would be interesting. The only thing missing would be temp control… :thinking:


ultrasonic cleaner?


Yes cymatic tek


Look up cymatics that’s where u start on this


PDF about ultrasound assisted crystallization: 1-s2.0-S1350417706001684-main.pdf (190.5 KB)


Certain frequencies in the right steps help facilitate and manipulate it


Very cool paper, i never knew suspended solid particles acted as nucleation sites.
Maybe this offers a good explanation as to why some people are able to grow diamonds easier than others.

Edit: maybe I’m misunderstanding the usage of the word spurious here?


who knows about sono cryst of THCA really…but those other Syrris pilot reactors are nice as fuck.


You can think of a seed crystal as a suspended solid.


Would some fine particle like dust, be thought of as a suspended solid capable of being used as a nucleation site?


You can create imaginary walls for nucleation sites which is really just the geometry of the cymatic effect…find a frequency that makes a shape suitable for it…experiment with it…just dont use mp3 files those are compressed and not a pure sound…use a frequency generator


Look into resonance


I know you have a thread on cymatics but it’s gotten very little attention and honestly very little to go research on.

Did you ever get around test anything and even if not is there anything you can tell us that you learned on the subject? @Waxplug1


Dust can be a nucleation site. Thats kind of how suspension coated medias are made, substrate collects coating until covered.


So that brings me back to what I said before about why some people have trouble growing diamonds.

If someone wasn’t using a 1 micron filter paper to do their filtration they could potentially end up with dust in the solution but not even be able to see it. But the particles are still acting as nucleation sites.


Would something like this be appropriate?


In order to “benefit” from dust it would have to settle in the high concentration zone/layer of CBD


After a cold crash wouldn’t that high concentration zone be at the bottom of the container?