Absolutely. The heavier compounds settle at a layer closer to the bottom.


Nothing comes up when i search that.


I dont think anybody knows this yet


Wanna tell us about it?


I’m wanna see how u guys react to clear first, but I would suggest researching this now




I will say ELF -04 … I Mean what ???


It would be nice to see this thread get close to as much participation as the clear thread. I am sure there is a lot more tek info members are not being forthcoming with when it come to mining. I have read every post in the OTSS thread.


This jar was 1 of 8 jars that were blasted with solfeggio frequencies in a sealed tote. Granted it was an mp3 file, the tote created quite the rumble and echo chamber. The rest of my jars did not form any shapes similar to this one.



Volume of solution, geometry of container play a role


This has been on my plate for something to try for years ever since a i discovered i could make water levitate with my didgeridoo. I just haven’t had the access to material to experiment with this. But was able to get a slight mimic using a chladni plate and slowly freezeing water to see what happened. Hopefully now that people are starting to catch onto these things now we can see some growth using these methods
“Everything owes its existence soley and completely to sound”


I watched his Robots Vs. Music when it 1st came out and it blew my mind.


So maybe something like a hexagon glass jar instead of a round jar? ->




Make some simple scratches to surface to create a nucleation site :slight_smile:


Hexagons resonate better…especially in cavitation



U guys are too smart


Pulse is best applied cold ;)…cold means slow…slow means resonance