Maybe a dumb thought, but I wonder if those who are crystallizing on a fault line have different results than those who are not?


I remember seeing some thread here along time ago about different areas affecting cannabis for extraction. Thats definitely a good thought and something people that are around the equator, should try some experiments with.


Awesome thanks a lot for the hints and guidance.


Well I guess I should haul my DJ equipment to the lab!

Manipulating crystal formations using cymatics

any ideas what frequency would work the best? Gonna buy one and set a jar on it and see what happens, wasnt sure if anyone has any input as to what the best frequency would be, not sure if 7-8hz is high enough


Here are some of the hz i thought made some interesting patterns.

Its all about playing around at this moment


Do you know of a cheap version to purchase? I was checking those out and theyre in the $400-$600 range


Just received my 16 oz hexagon glass jars.


Cant wait to see how that hex jar works out for ya


after a lil more research im thinking this hooked up to a speaker right next to jar. Can control the wavetypes and up to 30hz.


I have done this with an ultrasonic bath . Definitely works but I didn’t get anything larger than granuals


Plan on doing it for 36 hours. Just to hopefully increase the amount of nuclear points early for bigger crystal faster in the long run, plan on doing same everything as my green jar so i can use that as a sorta control group


Are you gonna do pulse while cold? Maybe every hour for a 5 min duration for example. I’ll play with these variables soon


Planned on doing it right after the thc redissolves and cap goes on. To force nucleation of the clear liquid asap.


Didnt think i would need the sound during the cold crash since its just crashing to the bottom. Itd be about 70-75° when i plan on turning it on



So I’ll let you guys in on a little secret, as I’m currently using an ultrasonicator (by Hielscher) in my lab for many things.

Sonocrystallization is induced by the production of cavitation bubbles moreso than simply sound waves. The cavitation bubbles created as a result of continuous compression & rarefaction of a sound wave generating microscopic bubbles, which grow larger until becoming unstable and collapsing to generate an enormous amount of heat (energy) for a fraction of a second. That production of energy is what creates the initial nucleation sites. It works incredibly well. Incredibly well. But you have to know exactly how to wield it so far as wattage output, pulsed vs continuous. Remember that the addition of energy in this circumstance also correlates with the addition of heat to the system, which is ultimately countering your supersaturation if too much is added. All about balance.

Ultrasonication has been a tremendous tool for me due to that and other reasons :slight_smile: That’s as much as I can reveal here though!

Also – I’m producing between 5 and 10kg of 99.8%+ CBD isolate/week at the moment, and expanding significantly more. I still need to work on my “slanger” tag, I rarely actually come by future4200.




I’ll throw one up tomorrow when I’m back at the lab :slight_smile: only pics I’ve got at the moment are largely linked to my instagram handle, keeping that separate.


I messaged that guy, are u sure that was made using cymatics?