Review on Cannabis Tissue Culture

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published: 03 March 2021 doi: 10.3389/fpls.2021.627240

Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Tissue Culture: Present Status and Future Potential*%3DUTF-8''fpls-12-627240.pdf


Thanks; this is a new paper for me. There are a quite a few TC and micropropagation papers on cannabis now, and I can’t wait to see what it comes out in the next couple of years.

It’s incredible to see the rate of new papers on cannabis cultivation, breeding, IPM, extraction, processing, TC, and genomics compared to even five years ago. And the quality keeps improving, too.

The link you shared is broken in my browser (maybe from my security add-ons), so sharing an alt link here:


From Could anyone help me hunt down Starburst OG? :

Same here. And in the future we may not have to mess with synthetic seeds as a means of long-term cryopreservation:

Also, this is a good paper in relation to maintaining long-term genetic fidelity though TC regeneration:

Viruses, Viroids, and Cannabis: A Brief Primer

A couple of posts from Haze And Sour seem on topic as well:

I tried to volunteer with Charlotte’s Web about 10 years ago in exchange for learning tissue culture. I thought they’d love to have a PhD chemist as a volunteer. Nope. More interested in protecting their IP.


Their loss. Are they even a thing anymore? I assumed their 15 minutes of fame ran out.

Once CBD isolate hit $300/kg I’m sure they became toast in short order.

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Not really - they created a THC brand a year or two ago that’s sold in CO+FL, but I haven’t heard much about it


So who is gonna be the first smart kid here to start a business and offer complete equipment and supply packages for TC in the weed industry

There are 19 fake terpene companies and at least a dozen that sell you French fry oil powders for crc. Surely someone has got to see the untapped market


You down @Cloner ?

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By package I mean down to the wire racks with lights on them. Hood, packaging, tools, sterilization stuff, media and hormone mixes

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I think cloner is making plans to get out of all this. At least that’s what we’re hearing


If true I don’t blame him ha, frankly we should all slowly be working on contingency plans


As entrepreneurs it should be in our nature


Are you near Mass? This looks interesting:


Tetraploids anyone?

I have used the seed treatment method with oryzalin, but this method has piqued my interest! Note that polyploid cannabis hasn’t shown benefits except for creating sterile plants at the triploid level. Many people claim it increases yield, THC, etc. However, all but one of the published papers I have read reported no significant increases. The one paper that reported a significant THC increase is an outlier, and the increase isn’t impressive considering the starting THC %:

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I am currently in MA, but don’t have $2500 to drop.

I already know asceptic technique and mammalian cell culture, I’m sure I could figure it out.


Do you feel like moving to MI next year? I’m planning to keep a few dozen strains in rotation at all times, and I want to set up an in-house TC lab at our cultivation facility. I want to regenerate the mother stock by TC approximately every six months and replace the mother stock with cryo-stored tissue every few years.

I would love to hire an industry-experienced Ph.D. chemist and have the company pay for TC training. The work would include running the TC lab, either running or acting as the lead chemist of our processing facility, and running our in-house analytics (GC-FID, HPLC, and hopefully adding MS in the future).


Pm’d you.

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