Removing residual ethanol from trim - panda spinners not cutting it

I am looking for an alternative to panda spinners to remove residual ethanol in our trim. We are dipping about 100lbs every 2/3 days to produce distillate. The panda spinners were great at lower volumes but seem to be breaking and degrading way too fast at this volume. Can anybody provide another economical solution to this? Willing to spend up to 20k but would love to get away with something ultra cheap like the panda spinners, maybe an upgraded version or higher quality product?

i think i’ve seen a washing machine as a fuge with some modifications around this forum somewhere

edit: here it is Washing Machine "Salad Spinner" tek

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What is breaking on them?

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Hobart makes a large salad spinner for commercial kitchens. It’s stainless with an hdpe basket, and it’s made to stand up to heavy use. I think they’re around $2500 new. That’s what we’re using.

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Just get a floodable centrifuge with a jacket. If you are doing that much extracting surely you can afford it. It’s 1:30 pm in Shanghai. In less than 24 hours this thread will be crawling with Chinese companies trying to get your business. Unfortunately they will be dm’ing the heck out of me too. Grab a 50 pounder that can do more than 1000 G’s and some extraction bags and go to town.


Just saw you can spend up to 20k. I would get two for 5k each and save the rest for a rainy day. Just remember you get what you negotiate for so don’t under ask or over spend.
Make sure they are jacketed and floodable and see if anyone here has experience with the company because once you take delivery. You’re on your own.

Seriously, what’s breaking? I’ve seen pandas push through tonnage without any issues. How much are you loading in it for each run?

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Probably the cheap denatured ethanol vs food grade

i must have well over 1000lbs of thc biomass pushed through one of mine with denatured and its still chugging along. its taken a serious beating and now that i have new @RockSteady spouts they willl probably last for years now.


$5k for a floodable jacketed centrifuge? Do they work for more than 3 runs? Can you please point me in that direction? Why is every centrifuge on the market (many are half the size you suggest) listed at 50,000 plus?

I have looked at the Ace Spinner, starts at over $80K
USA labs has some as low as $20K and as high as $80K
Algae centrifuge start at something like $25k
Cederstone start at something like $45k
Some Chinese manufacturer/trader in my email starts at $10K

I understand that with companies such as the ACE spinner you are paying for more than just a piece of equipment, and in the end you get what you pay for. BUT $80k is still a lot of money that I do not have.

Where do I find a piece of equipment that will work at a reasonable price?

No. Hobart are too slow for the task.



THANKS! I may be able to get as many as 5 runs out of this model!

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Talk to Cema, lanphan, Ironman, Terry, and search alibaba. Not hard to find but you will need to use your skills to get the price you need. I am not yet in the market for an American sourced centrifuge but when I am will likely get from Falling Formulations when they offer one. They seem to understand pricing a bit better than the bigger players.

Just go to get the app, in the search field put jacketed centrifuge or cannabis centrifuge and you will see hundreds. Now getting them stateside may be another story but all the ones you pay a lot for here I believe started in China.

I see them on there. However I am inherently nervous about buying directly from china. I know that the Stateside companies that all buy from alibaba are really just selling their quality control checks and probably their consulting services. Is there truly any risk in buying from china? I can’t afford to buy the wrong piece.

Talk to Terry_Manager on this forum. See if you can reach a comfort level with him. I haven’t bought from him yet but he certainly posts a lot and says he personally takes care of all his customers.

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Write to peony. They make the centrifuge that most vendors are reselling. And their after sale service with my clients has been very good.

Check here. Promotion for extraction centrifuge, short path distillation, rotovap, falling film evaporator and so on