Raw distillate help

does that mean you didn’t go read How to break down distillate easier and minimize waste?



teach a horse to fish, and they’ll want your SOP for water soluble next…


“How many darts do you rip a day on average?”

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Sales must be real good lately.

how about you @Justingram88?

can you go in search of how to vac seal your (partially finished?) jar of distillate so you don’t experience the “red ring of death”? (you need this info…)

then come back here and post a link for the rest of the class?

bonus points if you come back with Ar and N2 too…because either of those are going to be easier for you to access for your first jar (price wise).

Almost everything you need to succeed is at your finger tips…


I don’t smoke … and darts are for edibles like people who infuse at home

Bout to read that now

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We use disty darts for our vegan gummies. thats how we get the vegans off the street and into the van without them making a fuss…


So I searched and I couldn’t find the answer what temp to heat raw distillate to get it warm enough to put into beaker …. I’m on 80c right now from the one and only post I seen it said 90c for distillate and terps so what about raw distillate I don’t wanna burn my money up



I found out what to do I followed somebody advice and used a hot water bath but dang bro I have my cousin with a hair dryer and I’m filling carts it gotta be a easier way g

Pretty soon I’ll be answering questions man

Don’t over complicate things my dude. Just start low and work your way up in 5 to 10 degree increments until youve reached the desired viscosity. A magnetic stirring hot plate is ideal. Once your stir bat begins moving start to adding in your terps. Idk how you’re filling your carts but a large syringe with a fat needle works or look for a repeating syringe with warmers on Amazon. They measure a half gram or a gram every pull of the trigger. Also. A hairdryer isn’t gonna do the job. Spend the 15 bucks on n a cheap heat gun and you’re good


Microwave for cheap

Water bath for middle

Bead bath for not cheap

Make sure you buy cheap Chinese junk

No lab stand? That’s what inner-tubes are for…

Also, moved; so the NEXT noob doesn’t need to look all over the place (Eg cannabiz) for help….

See:Cart Farming 101: The Oil Blend - Cart Filling Info