Raw distillate help

Any body has a link to cheap empty darts ? And how do I get the distillate out of the liter jar into a dart ? Or out the jar into a Pyrex glass for mixing

You need to use the search bar and spend some more time reading


Option 1: Wook Tek


Option 2: Pro Tek


Rocky Mountain PLC makes some cool stuff that’s basically a single or dual cart farmer on automated tracks. Idk if there on there but I see them in IG

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You’ve got quite some reading to do…

& @Tom is a sweetheart as always :+1:


…again suggest the entire thread.


Da fuck is a dart?

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A dart is Aussie slang for a cigarette, but also seems to get used to refer to carts at least that’s my understanding of it from the bogan friends

put a needle on there…then throw it across the room at the dart board…works better with some weight in it.


If your disty is in glass jars, you can use a heat gun to warm it up, use 2 mL glass syringes with a glass plunger to fill the carts. Get a nice one with luer lock tips, 12 or 14 gauge works good. (Grainger) I use to fill 1000 - 1 mL carts by hand like this. Took me by myself around 9-10 hrs to fill 1,000 carts. Probably more efficient to have something to just keep the jar warm instead of having to heat it over and over with a heat gun. Shave some time off. Dont use plastic syringes, if you absolutely have to male sure the plunger is nitrile rubber so the terps (hydrocarbons) dont degrade it and leave a cloudy residue in your carts. Glass on glass all day

@1010Inc; dart not cart,

eg ; 😈 disty darts, fire ore rolls, shatter... - Eazy St Extracts | By Eazy St Extracts | 😈 disty darts, fire ore rolls, shatter and half g tops in stock 😈

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Never heard of dart, he did use the word twice so i was thinking i might not know what hes talkig. About lol


Most people I know just call em distillate syringes

Maybe I’m just friends with too many Aussies and kiwis


…and you just waltzed past @Tom’s post without wondering?

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Contactless Disty DeliveryTM work better for you?


This is my favorite method…i remember bringing my new gf home and i had forgot to flip the microwave back over. Lol i had some splaining to do lucy

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Yeah im at the bar so…


Thank you for your replies I ordered some 1 ml glass syringes … and a lure lock coupler to fill them … my last question which I know is dumb but how do I get the disty when it’s low in the jar