Proper decarboxylation temperatures

![image|690x457](upload://rhKgvEoBI71O37nT9bvwcLngvYU.jpeg) I found this graph But no citing information at all. I usually decarb around 225 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes but I was wondering what more experienced people decarb at. Thanks for your time!


Here’s a link to the chart since I can’t upload pictures properly.

Direct link

And image.

Suggest looking around here too…


I’d recommend you extrapolate

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what if someone was trying to decarb 6 or 7 liters of crude oil at one time? and if all this is going into fractioning does it even need to be decarbed?


Not sure if im understanding the chart proper but it looks like the safest most effective is about 252f for 27 mins and would this apply to concentrate.


You decarb prior to spd so it doesnt foam up.and bump into your spd head, cow, and recieving flasks. We adressed this in the other thrwad4


I use that chart when I decarb to make edibles, however I have noticed if I decarb at a higher temp and a little longer the edibles seem more potent. I believe it may be due to the fact that this chart is assuming that the temperature is 252 for the entire 27 minutes. If you put it in your oven maybe it takes 5 or 10 minutes for the whole slab or whatever it is you are decarbing to get up to temp evenly. So I normally set the oven to say 265 and go for 35 minutes. I notice an increase in potency on the edibles when I do this.


293*f for 9 mins is what i use per skunkf@rm tek (graywolf). I often leave for an additional minute or until no more bubbles


Do you guys decarb under vacuum? And if yes is there another chart that shows temps and time under different bars?

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220°F - 235°F for 20 mins is where i go. Not under vacuum. Under vacuum ig you should still play by the rule of halfs. So maybe like 110°F - maybe 180°F. For around 8 - 10 mins.

-i never decarbed under vacuum just guessing.

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The result of leaving the extract material under heat for two long is you get conversion of our big players (thc/cbd) to delta8 and CBN. So, of course your edibles feel stronger if you let them convert a little longer! and, for the last time: vacuum levels will not drastically reduce the temp it takes to decarb, but it may speed it up slightly and help prevent oxidation reactions from occurring.


I decarb in the roto and strip volitales at the same time, takes anout 45-60 mins to do 3.5l.


all very helpful info, thank you everyone

im going to do around 6liters, 45mins @ 230f, run it through at test the disty. im trying to up the potency and maintain color. we were decarbing at the right temp but for too long and its been giving us color/ thc conversion issues into d8.

on 1 test D9 was @ 18% with 45% D8.


If ur doing the oven method, i would always do 250F for 35 minutes, then check for the bubbles to change every 3 minutes
It didnt really matter if i was doing 1L or 4L.


Theres something else going on if youre getting 45% delta 8. Decarbing for a long period of time isnt going to get you that high of a conversion to delta 8. It sounds to me like youre using an acid or something in the flask.


I decarb for 2 to 3 hours usually (15 liters of crude) at 150c under as deep of vacuum as possible in my reactor. I never have problems with isomerization at this temp, even after doing 2 passes on my 20 liter SPD. I always make sure theres no bubbles coming up from the crude before i load it into my flask. The main reason i do this is to strip terpenes. Vacuum might not help with decarb but it 1 allows you to seperate out more volitiles by lowering their boiling points and 2 helps to actually pull those volatiles out of the crude.


thats the kind of info i was looking for. thank you so much. and yes we used 2% cbleach on that run, my mistake. another run we did had a conversion to cbn. and the color would not clear up even after a carbon scrub and 3 passes. i think the oven times were scorching everything.

i did a pass yesterday that didnt hit the oven at all, it went straight to winterization/ carbon filter, roto, then spd. literally was the best looking 1st pass ive done.


so, if you were going to ‘half decarb’ as i’ve seen referenced for vape carts so it does not crystalize what temp and time would you go with?

2-3 hours seems like a long time to cook for. Why are you doing it for that long compared to others on here saying they do it for 25min or so in a roto?

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