Proper decarboxylation temperatures


ive been doing 250-280f (actual oil temp) until all bubbles stop, like a calm lake.

edit: I use a hot plate and beaker, hot plate temp is 160C


Becauss i run a VTA, and if you dont properly strip all the terpenes before first pass the machine doesnt run right. Im sure decarbing doesnt take that long but stripping everything out under deep vac takes some time. 2 or 3 hours isn’t going to cause isomerization even when using an spd. Decarbing is only half of what youre really doing by heating your wax to 150, you’re also removing a ton of terpenes you would get out in your heads fractions. Less terpenes in the spd means better seperation and vacuum levels.


Any kind of absorbant in the flask will cause high delta 8, shoot me a DM and lets talk about your SOP im sure i can help with color and isomerization problems. Also, you should never need more then 2 passes. 3 passes you will start to get isomerization and at 4 i heard the thc turns to goop (idk if this is true i never do more then 2 passes)


i would do half the time to achieve half the decarb in theory.


how long does that usually take?


depends on the amount, the more oil the longer it takes.

also different types take longer, ive noticed live resin takes longer than shatter to fully decarb

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how bout take your amount and decarb half of it fully then add it back to the remaining undecarbed half

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im not sure if that explains the increased effect. From my understanding if you go too long and let the thc convert to delta8 and cbn the edibles will have a more sedative effect and have less ‘pop’. You can tell when you do it right because they have a more racy almost stimulant effect at least on the first hour or so :laughing:. My point was that I believe you need to take into account the time needed to get the whole solution evenly up to the desired temperature. If you just put it in the oven for 25 minutes, then it was only at the desired temperature for maybe 15 minutes. Just my thoughts after playing around with that chart and noticing variations in the effects of the edibles.


I have seen several versions of this chart, and reading across the site I am understanding that when the THC concentration starts to decline following its peak, it is converted to Delta8 and CBN. Was wondering if any of the chemists here might share a description of the heat induced reaction in which the THC is converted to CBN.

Thanks in advance!


I decarb in the roto i set the bath ro 140c and by the time it reaches that temp its done. I can de arb 3-5 liters in 45 mins and strip volitales also, i wait unril rhe gauge starts ro fo back down to full vac and no bubbles and its done.


Vacuum does not decrease decarbing temp, it only speeds the process up by pulling the co2 off.

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That’s very helpful. Thank you.


I have done up to 6 passes with the same batch goop is not the. Word If done low vac and easy with the temps but CBN starts to multiplay so 2 runs 3% 3’runs 5/6
After the 4 run things start to get lost
CBN rises but thc lowers more
Than the Sum CBN thc
Color is a real isseu getting transparant deep dark red after the 3
Never tryed this yet with hot Condenser teck
And last i have a lot of trouble with coa on these runs for i Need real accuracy that most labs lack


Can you give me the temperature and speed you are using on the rotovap to decarb?



Once i reach 70c I empty all the alcohol from the roto, and then i set the temp for 140c. I dont want to keep any of the etho that comes off as im scaling temps its full of terps and i dont want to just keep compunding them more and more in rhe alcohol. My rpm is at 100-105 and once it atarts to het close to 100c you have to lower the bath or it will over flow


The Ardent Lift/Nova decarbs at around 100C for 90 mins. I have tested flower before and after, and it gets the decarb done fully. Haven’t tested concentrates.


what about decarb temps in the RE-501? RPMs?