Problems with shatter on nug runs

Hi everyone.
I’m having a problem with one of my nug runs.
I ran n-butane, had solvent tank in dry ice, and winterized my column.
Poured it onto tray. Started AI at 88F at about 20 vacuum. Froze it and flipped it first time after 16 hours, and every 12 hours after. (Now at 100F and 29.5 vacuum). It has been 3 days and it’s too liquid, and not stable. (Sap like)
After every flip, it is bubbling off intensely, but after a few hours, there is not a single bubble.
I spent many hours the last 2 days reading through similar topics, and I think it might have too many terps. Could it still shatter if I take the temperature up to 115F so I burn off some terps (don’t really want to do that, but willing to do that as a last resort)
Does anyone have an idea?
Could I still turn it into something besides shatter? (Customer prefers shatter, but it doesn’t shatter :sob:)
Thanks everyone.


Might as well just make it into sugar and tell the client to stop thinking like a wook

I wouldn’t try to sacrifice the terps because it probably still won’t make shatter if you did that. You want to retain some waxes to give the extract some stability if yiu want shatter. Shouldn’t need to get so cold when u extract.


Turning good material into shatter is certainly possible….and it is absolutely a waste of good material unless you pull the terpenes first.

Pulling the terps first is an option, but I’m under NDA on how exactly to manage that trick. Pretty sure I’ve seen it chatted about around here though.

Using CO2 pulls cannabinoids as well, and I haven’t tried making shatter from post CO2 terp pull biomass. Unlikely to have that opportunity either.

“Sap” is an accepted consistency. Known to be more flavorful than “shatter”.

I’d aim at sugar or budder and attempt to educate the client. If they don’t grok the Organoleptics, I’d politely tell them to find someone else to destroy their medicine.

I’m guessing this is “traditional” market? Certainly not a mature legal market…


My wooks won’t touch that stuff…they’re afraid they’ll find themselves back in 2013 :shushing_face:


Thank you guys for confirming what I was thinking.
So I’m thinking of heating it up to 105 whip, and put back into vacuum. Or am I missing something?
Sorry I’m pretty new to this.


If at this point you’re saying f the shatter. Then yes.
here are a couple of links for that.
Whipping Technique Questions
You can always throw it in a jar and put it on some heat for sugar as well or you can do a taffy pull and make some crumble. Hope that helps.

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Confirming with client up front may be appropriate.

Splitting the batch and making (small) samples of “sugar” ,”budder/batter” and “sap”.

Then perhaps using the solution I used back in 2013-15 and winterizing a sample to achieve “shatter” so they can huff them all and learn…


@cyclopath i think I’m gonna make budder with my part, and show him the options. I would never just decide for him.


@Dankoholic thank you. I really appreciate the link.


The sappiness could be caused by a high D9 content aswell.


Good point.

See: In House analytics


Of course. Hope it helps.

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I blast dry ice cold for shatter…I want my shatter to actually shatter and without a freezer doing it

Ur trick would only give him a good pull and snap

If u used n butane and blasted cold was the material really fresh? Or really old?

A light run through b80 can sometime give it the stability it needs

Making shatter outta a fresh or FF source can be tricky bc all the terps…

How thick are you pouring the slab?

It takes a true extraction master to make shatter outta terpy or FF material…or dumb one I can’t tell really bc losing all those terps just to get it glass like ughh


@StoneD thank you for your input.
The material was very fresh. He literally just finished drying it. I let it overnight next to my Quest dehumidifier to remove a bit of extra moisture.
I usually run through CRC, and normally I don’t have the problem that it doesn’t shatter, but he specifically said, that he wants no remediation.
I think I might have poured the slab a little too thick. It was like medium, but a little thinner might have been better.

ive gone back and forth on trying higher temps or lower but shatter is a tricky beast. I dont keep lab notes so thats another thing.

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If your goal is strictly to make shatter ignore this post but if not search up jelly tek I find it makes a far superior product then shatter and less work to purge.


I actually ended up talking to the costumer to make him aware of the issues, and he is fine with badder, so I pulled some taffy.

Haven’t tried the Jelly Tek yet, but I actually saved a screenshot of @Gumby s post a while back. lol


It’s very simple and the finished product is much better, no vacuuming out all the terps.

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Does it only work with nug runs, or does it work for trim? I have about 150lb of some old a$$ trim I’m not too sure what to do with.


I’m not sure about that, I usually use fresh dried flower, I would guess with old trim it’ll turn out much darker and the terps won’t be there.