Whipping Technique Questions

I am looking for some guidance on the best technique for whipping shatter into a “wet looking cake batter consistency”. Any help would be much appreciated.

future4200.com/search?q=whip ?!?

looks legit. :bowl_with_spoon:

tell us your current work flow. what seems to be working. what doesn’t



Saved for the future



The only thing I know for sure is that if you whip it, you have to whip it good.


For fun, follow @ladyterps_ on IG. She is fantastic with the batter, butter and corn bread.

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@epodoils no seriously.

@raghanded’s ribbing aside.
that search link should have enough information behind it to point you in the right direction.
I checked (that’s what I mean by “looks legit”).
there is a bowl to go with the spoon for a reason.

give us some details on you’re currently doing
look through those threads and ask questions of specific folks who seem to be making what you’re looking for. type their name (@epodoils) and they’ll get a notification. essentially paging them into the discussion.


You mean to end up like this?


Baby food? Credit to @Killa12345 for the name.

Sugar sauce consistency?

Toffee Butter look?


YES!!! I finally get to send the ™ After @BG305. Those names are trademarked. :joy::rofl::joy::man_facepalming:t3: Joking my bro. You need to throw the terps on top for it to be dulce de Leche


Ama hit my boy out at Huntington Beach about it. He is the terp King as he has the facilities to make literally any terp.

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Thought the babygood was a dred thing

Hes talking about the “Dulce de leche” not baby food. Id hate to be the one selling “baby food” and a stupid ass person mistake it for real baby food. Feed it to a baby and have the feds knocking down there door. HAHA.

TO FURTHER EDIT: ID NEVER USE THE NAME “BABY FOOD” nor came up with the name. Dred says thats his name. hope that clears up that im not taking credit for “baby food” rather giving it a different name with added terps “dulce de leche” cause when you add live resin terps it looks like spanish flan…aka dulce de leche flan.


How are you getting the concistancy in the first video ive veen trying fo months but cant nail that liquidy texture. Shits flame tho

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He gave the blueprint…Dont distill you gas. Run ultra hot…add in a bunch of waxes and whip… Easy peasy!


Yea but everytime i do that i get a dryer end result ive gotten kinda juicy but nothing like the dulce maybe thats a live resin run but i get live and dry looking the same concistany on the reg so im not thinking thats the case here i will master this soon it looks better than most rosin and selling for 1600 a zip in wholesale to the shops its crazy how fast it went from diamonds to this


A good dewax to remove the impurities that cause stability will definitely help you with getting a smoother texture. It can be done with pretty much any material, doesn’t need to be live or anything like that. If you remove the solubles you will get the look you’re needing. And if your material is good enough quality, you won’t need to add terps to get it to seperate. Kinda same concept as making diamonds, just different end result. As in in making the extract. The finish is different, obviously.


Can a food processor whip batter?


And it’s never ever been advertised or packaged as baby food. One would have to be seriously stupid to think that it is. It’s always been an amusing adjective for the texture.


I’m certain it could be done for sure