Numbers game: is your WFE a goer?

So I broached this one to @QGA and @Photon_noir as

How many 12L SPD’s would you need to produce 100l of distillate a day?

But it comes from

What are you gonna do with a centrifuge that can process 30lb every 15 min?

no, you can’t quite get 100l of distilate out of that, but you can come close enough that it seems like decent question.

lets just pretend we’re feeding the fuge 960lb of 25% flower.
and manage 70% over all efficiency.
so 168lb THC at 90% => ~85liters
or 1/2 that if you’re starting with 12% CBD.

I’ve seen a 6" pope, but it was sitting unused in the corner. I’ve only worked with a 4" chemtech, and even then, not for long enough to get a solid handle on it’s throughput capabilities.

@Lilibel do you have approx throughput numbers for 2", 4" or 6" Popes with your feed pumps attached?

@JohnLong You told us you were hitting about 1/2 that with your highly customized and re-engineered 6 foot Pfaudler that is almost as old as I am.

Anyone else want to comment on how you’re gonna keep up with an 8hr shift on that 'fuge, let alone 3 of them (8hr shifts)?

Would one need a harem (100 WFE)?
Or is there a more a appropriate name for a room full of POPE?



Who the hell is gonna run 25% flower


nobody**. at least not at that scale.
so cut the number in half. :slight_smile:

I still can’t tell what the right tool is.
can you?

hemptech/chemtech should certainly know…

**or maybe after looking at the cost of a KDL-30, making top shelf EHO suddenly looks attractive.

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Distillate is so last year… lol dont tell my boss


You could do it with two dual-stage stainless 6"s. 4 bodies total. 20 hour days.


Thank you!

@QGA is refusing to be baited :slight_smile: and went straight for the KDL-30

@Photon_noir suggested two dual stage KDL-12s I think.

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@cyclopath baited?


Hooked. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Love this place.

Yeah, I tried.
Via text to his cell.
Failed miserably :slight_smile:

Guess I’m gonna need more practice?


My vote is go with the biggest stainless unit you can afford at that level.

Even if you go with a 0.5-1.0 m2 china unit, with the proper upgrades you’re probably looking at something north of 200k. And that’s not a route I would suggest for anyone who doesn’t have a very strong technical background that can understand what all of the bits and bobs on the shiny paperweight do.

Dual dual-stage 6" popes as suggested by Lilibel would likely be the best bet for most users. I can’t even imagine what that would cost to set up though.


Actually i must agree with photon because it is always better to have two units in case one is down you are still producing something, chem tech is king though


Actually, I said the same thing as Lilibel, @cyclopath , but I was talking about 2 of the dual-stage, stainless CTS KDT/L-6 units. I think I may have mentioned that the 10s or 12s from CTS have the highest margins for them to sell, and the worst cost:benefit ratio for the buyers… since 12s are not actually double the speed of the 6s, for example.

The 2 dual stage Popes from Beaker & Wrench, properly outfitted with crude feed, product and residue pumps, connected in series and parallel where appropriate (as we discussed via email for the KDT/L-6s), and certainly high vacuum pumps, such as diffusion pumps for genuine MD operation may also very well be able to manage that level of production. Stock Popes just do not come with all the right “gear” (or even peristaltic)!


Anyone familiar with the WFE that Delta Separations is selling now? .27 m^2 for the same as a KDT6. That’s like chinese prices. Of course maybe that’s what it is.

Why no love for VTA? Their units are a tad pricey but from what I have seen work better than anything else.

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does VTA make a version that can produce 100l a day?

Edit: yep. they sure do!


thanks @CosmicBandit


Sure, if you bring the $$$ they will manufacturer anything customised to your needs.

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VTA (via root sciences) can do custom builds for whatever your heart desires, but their ‘off the shelf’ units are the VKL (1.4-1.1liter/h) VKS (3.75-3 liter/h) and VK100 (7-9 liter/h). You gotta do two passes of course so typically you’ll buy two and link them in series.

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Is that WFE of yours a goer?

How much are you getting through your “distillate machines” boys and girls?

What you got & what can you squeeze out of it?

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Wiped Film Manufacturers

Because that’s what hypertext is for…

Chemtech 6" wfe SS 900-1200 g/hr crude to dist pass output, 1200-1500 g/hr distillate polishes output

Chemtech 10" 1.5-2L crude to dist pass output, 2.5L+ on polishing output

Chemtech 30" crude to distillate 6-8L /hr, 9L ish an hour on distillate polishing output

Pope 6" wfe SS 2-5L/hour fast pass

Pope 4" wfe glass 1-2L/hr

Pope 2" wfe glass 200-300g per hour


-Glass 6" Pope with feed and discharge pumps-

2.5L per hour feed (pretty sure I can do 3, still playing with getting my vac deeper)

I’m cutting just enough to get to ~95% TAC and leaving ~2% in the raffinate, roughly 18% waste, input material is 75-85% TAC. So, I think I’m getting all the cadabinoids :wink: Color is near-clear, some of the clearest D9 I’ve seen.