Modifying a chinese centrifuge to ul standard


We are looking at purchasing a centeifuge from kingreat out of china,
It would have a UL listed explosion proof motor
Spins at 1200-1800rpm and is bi-directional with spin.
We are lookinf at their units that can hold 15-50lbs of material at a time and is “floodable” so they say. My question is has anybody here mpdified these incoming centrifuges to work for their needs in a fire marshall approved setting?

Can anybody give details on how to ensure that the bwarings stay out of the alcohol. I remember reading tr he white paper on ethanol and it was saykng there is some “non obvious” upgrades that need to be done to make the fuges correct and efficient and safe.

I will upload what info I have on the fuges from kingreat.

It would be great if it coild do subzero extractions but not nescessary.PSS600-00方案.pdf (170.6 KB)


Sorry not 1200-1800rpm? And the capacity start at 25lbs of material


I believe the motor is UL listed but the control platform is not. You would need to design your own and get it certified. Many seem to be doing it and thats why Kingreat is 60 days wait time then add shipping time. Remains to be seen how well they hold liquid at low temps. Also found out the jacket is 2cm which seems small to me.


BTW, kingreat is an import/export company that buys from Peony. Got the scoop from my Alibaba girl friends. Lol!


Oh you tease!


This is generally the easiest way to do such things. Even if they make it from all UL components, it’s gonna be a pain getting your local whoever to sign off on it. You may be able to get the panel design from the Chinese supplier, and provide that as a baseline for whoever you select locally to build it.


Thanks for the input from everyone


So would just the control panel need to be created to be ul standard ?


Ya you might be better off this route using the Chinese controller


Ok. So you think the fuge would be sufficient as is with ul motor, just get ul panel made to control fuge?


That’s probably the best option.


Except for the part where the “50kg” machine will hold 20-30lb.


Haha yeah claiming to fit over 1kg per liter seems pretty crazy!


Yeah they’re always rated for way more than you will actually get into them biomass-wise. Of course, the fun part is that because you’re under loading the basket vs the maximum rating, you can safely spin it faster!*

*Check with the manufacturer first, this is not actually advice, don’t over volt your motor to try to spin it faster, you’ll probably die. But it’ll be awesome if you do.


imo, over-volting them isn’t near as amusing as lying to them about what 60 cycles per second looks like

Or was that how long a second is?

The cannabis might be fluffy, but those rotors are a lot (10x!) heavier than the biomass you can get in there, so I’m gonna suggest that pushing much past 65hz isn’t a great idea unless you’re doing failure mode analysis, or just like breaking stuff.


Hey I just meet with this company and obviously the price on a jacketed centerfug is better than any extractor company in the us. They also have a rising film evaporator that compares to bizzy or pinnacle. Have you bought your machine from them yet? I’m really weary about buying from China. I have in the past on glass ware and it was a big mistake. (Leaky crap) but I was just told that’s stainless is a safer buy from China. Anybody can chime in and any advice on China bought machines or this company would be greatly appreciated :+1:


Is it peony?


There are some excellent chinese centrifuge manufacturers, and there are some terrible ones. Having toured over a dozen centrifuge manufacturer factory floors in china, I can state that website quality and quality of sales people’s english skills are not good determinants of their ability to make centrifuges. The only reliable way to know if they are any good is to go there & inspect the facility, or work with a known good manufacturer.

Peony seems to come up a lot and I know at least some of the centrifuges sold in the US for our industry are made by them, though it’s not who we selected to manufacture our systems. There are at least a couple others I know of that are shipping a significant number of units to North America.


The company name on alibaba is kingreat which looks like the one at the way top of the post


They are just resellers of peony I think