Modifying a chinese centrifuge to ul standard

Is peony ok? Have you every used them?

It’s crazy cause going the China route is the difference of a 50k or 300-500k US investment. I’ve been to several demos, delta sep, Capna systems. They all were great but the price points are insane in my opinion. I’m open to stainless systems from China but glass stuff no. Does anyone know if food grade 304 gauge stainless steel is ok for ethanol?

So I’m guessing these guys are just domestic retailers for that peony fuge? The description is identical to the one on alibaba.

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Looks identical to a 3k dollar peony fuge

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Can’t find it on the peony website… I’ll have to shoot them an email, that’d be great if I could pick one up for 3k. Shit, I’ll grab a spare for that price.

Edit: Found their actual website, that other one was yet another wholesaler.

If you take out any components that aren’t UL, and replace them with parts which are UL (or have a comparable certification like a listing from Intertek), then you should be able to have an engineer sign off on it. You could then present that to your local regulators and there’s a good chance your regulators will accept it in most cases. They just need to have reasonable documentation from a third party which states that it is safe to use.


I just for got this machine in last week and are in process and talking to CSI for a third party review. I will keep you posted on our results.


Awesome. Please update asap

Which company did you meet with?

Would you care to divulge which company you chose to go with?

Not right now, no. If you’re looking at centrifuges direct, look at peony or zhonglian. Be aware that last time I checked none of their off the shelf centrifuges we’re quite right for our purposes, and will need modification, either by the manufacturer or by someone here.

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The discrepancy regarding some of the stated volume capability being lost relates to the use of ethanol diluted biomass, in that if we filled this unit to maximum capacity, the solvent would compromise the seal on the motor drive shaft.

Thus, the special request must be made to Peony (they are the manufacturers of this unit) to “raise” the fluid line … note the red line I have drawn here, and the arrow indicating it must be “raised” in order to prevent ethanol from submerging the seal and affecting the working capability of the unit.

Additionally, the PLCs and everything in the electronic box must be re-done to UL/CSA standards. We inquired with peony about receiving a wiring schematic as a base line reference and we were going to have an electrical contractor re-make everything using certified components, then get a third-party review sign off… Its a lot of work but it can be done.

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I went with this design. Forget about your cone and red line . I have another drawing showing the cooling jacket. Cant find it right now.



Whoops, that diagram is the jacketed version. The jacket is 2 cm which seems a bit small to me. Any thoughts? Anyway, the more units purchased the better the deal. DM if interested. East coast shipment.


I don’t suppose you could tell me what you mean by that? Was is something fundamental that couldn’t be changed on this side, or are we talking about things like electrical components?

The off the shelf units are not generally designed to be flooded. Also the electrical is best done/redone here.



Has anyone on this thread gotten PSI to peer review a centrifuge extractor from China? $?

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