Mechanical separation TEK. (Solventless diamonds)

So before I get into the actual process of making solventless diamonds, I wanna start by saying the THCA made in this process isn’t a true diamond. It’s a high concentration of THCA in the shape of a diamond. Just wanted to get that out of the way so nobody gets hung up on semantics.

So first things first this will only work with crumble or sugar. Sugar will usually yield a larger terp fraction. Crumble seems to be higher in THCA. Also important to note, this will work with any kind of crumble or sugar. Not just solventless. I suggest practicing on cheap bho before attempting with solventless.

The reason crumble and sugar work and shatter doesn’t is because crumble and sugar aren’t homogenous. With shatter, the cannabinoids, terpenes, and fats all lay in a perfect lattice, almost like a diamond. So when you try to isolate it everything melts at the same time where crumble and sugar already have thca separated out of the mixture so it’s low boiling point compounds separate first, allowing this process to work.

on to the actual process

I always try to start with an oz. you can do more or less, whatever you desire. I recommend starting with a small piece of bho.

You take your crumble and wrap it in a rosin evolution 15u square and secure that in a rosin evolution 25u bag. Once everything is wrapped up tight and there’s no loose folds where the pressure could cause a blow out, you are ready to begin.

Start by heating the press up to 60c

Once the press is up to temp, you can place your rosin bag full of crumble onto the plate, very slowly apply pressure until both plates are touching the bag and heat is being evenly applied to the crumble.

Very slowly apply pressure. You’ll notice the bag start to “sweat” terps after 5 or so minutes of slight pressure being applied at 60c.

Slowly up your temp to about 70c and add a slight amount of pressure. (About 1-2 pumps on a bva hand pump)

You should begin to see your head terp fraction forming. These will be the purest runniest terps that you collect.

Once you start seeing your terp fraction slow down, slightly increase pressure, increase temp by 5c.

Repeat this step until your at 90c. It usually takes me an hour to get to this point with an oz.

As you creep up to 90c and start putting down close to 2000psi (low temp plates) (psi will vary by press) you’ll notice your terp fraction starts becoming very thick, clear and yellow. This means a greater ratio of cannabinoids is being dissolved into your terp fraction.

This is where you stop. Your terp fraction should be real stable and yellow now. It’s basically just melted thca at this point. Stop the press, release pressure and turn off your heat, your now done with the press.

Take the folded rosin bag off the press and open it up. At this point you’ll have a chalky white THCA patty. You’ve probably seen this on IG many times.

So everyone’s question is how to get the white patty into clear diamonds.

All you do is preheat a vac oven to 200-250f. (Pull no vacuum)

Crush THCA patty into powder

Place powdered THCA on a dab mat or thick parchment and throw it in the toaster oven.

WATCH IT VERY CAREFULLY. The stuff goes from solid to liquid instantly.

As it melts it’ll slowly transition from matte white to a very clear color. If you leave it in to long it’ll turn purple. Note that the purple is very prone to oxidation. It’ll turn dark red in just a few days. Even with terps.

Once you take it out of the oven, try to run a dab tool through it to pop any bubbles, then quickly roll the melted thca up into a snake. Once it’s snaked out I like to hit it with a heat gun to smooth the surface of the thca and make it glisten.

Just take your thca snake and break it up into tiny rocks and reintroduce to your terp fraction.

If you wanna have your diamond in a shape, all you do is replace the silicone mat or parchment with a silicone mold.

Place powder into cell of mold and put into oven until it melts into the shape you want.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Feel free to ask any questions below.


Pics? It’s like your making thca glass haha.

By the way, I think it’s a cool idea. Being able to form shapes sounds cool looking. I’d buy something like that just to have it.


Yeah I’ll post pics as soon as I figure out how to do it off my phone.



Nice job @Michiganalchemylooks super clean


That’s super cool, nice job!!!


This was how I first learned to isolate thca, learned from some guy on Instagram who made solventless and isolate. Nice pics.


You are using a toaster oven and vac oven? After you melt it down in the toaster, you then put it in a vac oven? Any pics of that process and how long in the vac oven? Thanks for this info!

Well articulated and great photo documentation!

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Ah my bad, it was recommended to me that I change “toaster oven” to “vac oven.” You really just need a heat source. Any kind of oven that will go to 250f-300f will work. You can even use a hot plate or a heat gun if your careful. Basically all your doing is melting down the white THC-A patty into whatever shape you like. The goal is to melt it to where it’s clear instead of that chalky white color. There isn’t an exact time it takes to melt. Your pretty much stuck sitting in front of it, watching it melt. I don’t have any pics at the moment. I’ll be making some more in about a week. I’ll be sure to photo document the process to clear up anyone’s confusion.


Here’s a pic proving the process works. There’s been some debate in the past whether or not your just concentrating fats and cannabinoids while separating terpenes. You are in fact isolating thca and sometimes some minor cannabinoids. This is before I melt it down. This is a test of the second to last photo.


any chance you can do this with just rosin bags and no micron sheets? i’ve got everything else i need and the mails been kind of hectic lately lol

Yeah it’ll work just by throwing it into Double 25u bags. For future I’d highly recommend the 15u sheets though.


tried it out, got a decent bit of thca but my sauce turned out like shit lol, do you do anything with your sauce after you separate it?

Tried this today with a bunch of saucey wax and got about 50% of initial weight in THC-A, 28% terps, 22% loss. Made some dope diamonds that are see through but tinted yellow. We should’ve repressed the THC-A to get all the terps out, and make the diamonds totally clear. Really dope TEK overall!


Did you find the terps to be decent? Cart worthy?

Fantastic job brother. That is very impressive results. You deserve credit.

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The ones from this batch was! Sometimes when this tek is performed on material that is too old the terps taste like hay, just depends on the material and how it is stored.

Great Tech, thanks for post. I just tried this for the first and had issues with getting the THCA to melt. I used bubble hash rosin to start as opposed to BHO and got the nice white cake. Though when I put it into the vac oven at 250F for an hour it melted down into a shape, but didn’t turn liquid or get that translucent look. I removed the THCA from the molds and they were still pretty white. I hit one of the THCA shapes with a heat gun and that help melt it down and afterward had more of the crystal look. Next time I think I will try and melt it fully in the mold with the heat gun and then allow to cool. Here are some pics of my first attempt with the terps poured over. Using fully mature material but hoping to get better color with earlier harvested material in the future.


Fuckin Rosin Bear Sauce!