Live extract comes out green sometimes

So at my lab I run fresh frozen only. I use a 70/30 n-butane/propane blend. My solvent is -60C, recovery is 35ish C, I do no soaks just a fill and dumb, and my material is never older than 2 weeks. I’ve had some runs come out great, like a light khaki coloro on some budder’s, light yellow or orange on my sugar, good looking stuff. However, on some of my other runs the extract is coming out slightly green. Like a baby poop sometimes. I’m wondering if it’s something I’m doing, even though I run uniformly for most everything and tend to have good results. Is it just not good material? All this material is stuff I’ve never ran as we’re kind of doing R&D on what extracts well from our grow, so I can’t say that any of the stuff coming out green has a history of doing so.

And this leads me to ask, if I have a large batch that’s coming out green, say 130lbs of FF, should I run it through some very light CRC?

Dihydrogen Monoxide


It’s not being frozen correctly and/or it’s melting before extraction, at some point in time. Is your column jacketed, as well?


yes it is. The grow does the freezing then moves it over in a -25 freezer. It’s maybe 30 seconds between when I take it out of the freezer and it’s in the column, then another few minutes just to vacuum the column and get cold solvent on it. They recently started filling the socks and freezing them instead of putting them in plastic bags and freezing them for me to then fill, could that be the problem?

Yes. Freeze then fill, not fill then freeze.

Tell us about your molsieves.


changed every day, cooked at 220 overnight. Haven’t noticed any moisture issues.

220F? Under vac?

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If they can put them in smaller packages and vac seal them a little bit (not all the way snug, just barely form fitting) and then freeze it (colder, faster the better), it’ll work better. Don’t let the material defrost. At. All.

Also, how fast are you opening your liquid valve to the material? Are you just turning them and letting it rip, like a psycho? Or, are you slowly opening the valve, letting the solvent start to wet the material, then opening the valve full retard?


Unless you have a tiny little mol sieve column. You should be able to go several days, given the type of mol sieve you’re using, before you have to regenerate them. They are actually extremely inexpensive, and a consumable. I’d just change them fresh (no regeneration) every week or two.


I run in Missouri, so it get’s very humid, and we were having some ice buildups. So I just made it habit to change it daily since it only takes a few minutes.

In response to your other reply, I had a lot that I ran last week that frozen in the same manner as this green batch, stored the same and ran the same, that came out so light it looked like rosin. Is there a chance it could be the material? just a few bad batches. It seems like when they come out green the smell is almost kind of planty.

This has happened to a me a few times processing other people’s FF - granted I don’t do solvent based extractions but when you see people who don’t freeze their FF properly you end up getting a rotting chunk in the middle while everything else on the outside is frozen. This happens more often than not when I see people using vacuum bags to stuff their fresh frozen into - since the thickness doesn’t exactly allow the cold to come in quickly it’ll start the rotting process and since the rotting process creates heat it’ll rot longer than you think.

Usually putting it in turkey bags with a VERY small ‘breathing hole’ in the top and not stuffed to the max you’ll almost always get a good freeze. If you can pick up the bag and shake the nugs around where it’s got space in between the nugs and they can individually freeze you’re (in my opinion) right where you need to be.


“Are my sieves working?”

Play hot potato and see…


Yes. You get more than just green color. You get green taste too.

The folks packing your bags don’t care as much as you do. Solve that. perhaps by making them smoke green hash till they get it right…

And as far as molsieves go, their location in the system (post collection) means they can only ever stop your NEXT round from turning green.

Weighing your sieves before and after each use/regeneration is advised. Let’s you know if you’re regenerating on the correct schedule, let’s you know when you need new beads, and likely demonstrates that you pick more water up after a “green” run (allowing you to focus on WHY).


Not for butane. Don’t want it to be breathing, per se.

They stuff too much in like a sausage casing. Should be smaller amount that’s not very thick. Keep it flat and not round like a sausage.

Also. Are they just shoving it in bags and filling the freezer full as can be?

You want to flash freeze your material. As cold and as fast as possible.


On the outside of your equipment? That shouldn’t matter.

On your material? That’s because it’s not being frozen correctly.

Cold butane doesn’t extract water, or ice. It shouldn’t really matter if there’s a little bit of ice present.


Doing a hot vapor push to empty your column?

Check the temp on that vapor…likely well above the melting point of H2O. Making it a delicate balance at best.

Can’t run a “cold vapor push” without N2, but on a dedicated FF machine it may be worth the hassle…

That’s certainly my best guess on how folks who haven’t been forced to smoke the green hash would pack/freeze socks.


I would wager that your columns are warming up after extraction. I had a new tech who is making green garbage and it was because he wasn’t getting the sock out before it defrost even with it going in at negative 80 and pumping negative 70 butane over it. Can’t let that shit defrost even a little in material column.

If you don’t chill your column though you should get a -80 freezer for the packed socks prior to extraction.


I too would wager on some thawing post/during extraction or incomplete freezing. I believe the ice crystals in fresh frozen help rupture the cell walls, exposing lots of chlorophyll. This is fine if they remain crystallized, but if that water thaws you will have a green mess. Basically, just make sure your material is frozen quickly, completely, and stays that way until you are done with it. You could try adding a temperature probe to monitor your solution temp as it exits the material column.


Since I started extracting to make crystals, I froze right after trimming, and cutting of the fluffy shit.

Regular plastic groccery back, not packed to the max and only gently sqeeuze some air out.

Wrap the end of the bag loosely, in another plastic bag and it goes in fridge at -40.

Only had golden color since and roughly 75/80 procent thca crashes out in a day or 5 hit or mis a few days.

My latest run is a story of : Where are my terps?:joy:

30 min soak:

Like thats all the terps+whatever, still gotta sepparate and purge.

Is there a point were there just so much thca, the solvent is saturated and wont take as much terps+?


Run more solvent?

But no, Terps are much more soluble in butane than thca