Liquid diamonds is just distillate, change my mind

So I have been seeing more and more “Liquid Diamond” vape carts hitting the market and in my personal opinion this is nothing more than a marketing ploy. The moment the diamond are “liquified” and passed through a still it is now distillate, since you know, it has been distilled. We do not call it liquid shatter or liquid crumble if that is the consistency of the crude starting material. I guess I could see the appeal if the analytics showed that the major compound in the finished product was THCA opposed to delta-9, however, that is not the case. Can someone please shed some light? Am I just completely missing the appeal?


It’s melted not distilled


Marketing gimmicks and buzzwords are how people try to stay relevant. There’s not much difference, but if the product was made by decarbing diamonds and then terps are added its just gonna be really clean.


The line of thinking is that decarbed diamonds should be close to 100% THC while distillate will have a lot of other cannabinoids too.


No residual solvents either, I think that’s probably what people will try to sell you on if you ask them about it.

The flavor will be great too as long as they use good terps.


So just decarb and straight to filling?

Edit: Obviously blending terps prior to filling

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Thanks, cannot wait to read this thread

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Wow that thread went off of the rails fast lol. It appears I was fundamentally misunderstanding the process. A lot of the liquid diamond jars I am seeing have a lot more color than expected. I suppose that’s why I assumed the product was still being distilled. I do understand the appeal of melting THCA diamonds and going straight into carts. I would imagine oxidation issues would be tough to control though.

Good thing lots of terpenes are antioxidants. If it has a lot of color then they probably used HTE to terp it up before carting.

You wouldn’t need to distill, just decarb.


both of those names are just trade terms to describe high potency thc

distillate and diamonds refer to how the cat was skinned

its all dead cat


D9 Distillate is usually what % tac and what % thc?

Melted diamonds are usually what % tac and what % thc?

Humor me.

If you’re cool with 80-95% thc + other noids/etc vs 99% thc it shouldn’t matter. If you’re looking to make a product with exact measurements… you’ll want the accuracy


As far as getting you high though, a difference in effects between a cart made with decarbed diamonds vs d9 distillate will be negligible.

It’s gonna be better when you use decarbed diamonds for sure, but the marginal increase in potency isn’t gonna be worth the tax put on the cart. $60 gram cartridge vs $20 gram cartridge for a marginal increase in potency doesn’t make sense to me.


10% may be noticeable

You want the teacher to give you an A or an A+?

Doubt it, unless you’re smoking the whole cart in one hit.


Valid point.

Melted diamonds would be the equivalent to d9thc isolate to me. Maybe that’s a better use of terms. D9thc isolate. Isolate doesn’t imply solid. Just alone.

Melted diamonds = d9thc isolate

D9 Distillate isn’t alone.


I think by definition, it would be d9thc isolate. I’m not arguing that it’s not better, just that it’s currently a marketing gimmick to make people feel good about spending more of their money.


Right, I just wanted to argue with the OP.

I hope this changes your mind.
My conclusion is it’s d9thc isolate.

Except one of those cats still has its balls


Instructions unclear. Dipped my cats balls in distillate but cannot put into vape. Please advise. He is getting angrier by the minute.