Terp to diamond end ratio

80/20 diamonds to terps. You can tell how well the seperation was by how much terp sugar drops out of the terp fraction. Should be very minimal. If you get a lot your run needed to go longer


The jar lid has pressure on it and you’ve got it submerged in water…
Put it in an oven or on a seedling mat


To the rescue

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Seed mat if u dont have vac oven. Lay towel on top to reduce temp if no simple temp controller

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But yep fickle right

O and use dry ice for extraction keep that water frozen

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You have it completely submerged? What makes you think you’re actually seeing water in there?

Just the 1/6 bottom of the jar is touching the water.

Decided to poke at it and seems just like air bubbles, not water. What would be causing this? And is it ok?

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bet you a Bic would say otherwise…

you do know what you’re trying to slowly evaporate off here right?

hint: it’s neither water nor air.

bonus points if you can name something other than butane that might be in the bubbles.


Is this question just for him. I feel like a kid in class waving his hand for an answer but the teacher keeps looking through you.


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I have to start reading more again… Not enough likes to give out when I’m not a regular.


So what ratios are you getting? I see as high as 80/20 and my low of 40/60.

I’m curious to what the theoretical max would be? I know you’d never get everything to drop, and variables would make this number different, but there’s probably an average you do use.

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What’s your losses like compared to a non crc run?

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all out of love?

@c1d1labs is givin it away…

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Since February of last year even! :disappointed_relieved::cry::sob:

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usually an oz or so per run

I was at about 60/40 sometimes even 50/50 almost. I was doing about 3 weeks at 65f

I’m like new@the site and crystals(thanks everyone for this treasure of information on here), and high😂

Can I ask about the bonus points?

Is it terpenes?as it has been a month know and I kinda want to know if im thinking right.:thinking: (Edit: saw april didnt realize april 2 years ago)

From the Netherlands, so excuse my bluntnes? That the right word? Always hear we as a people are too direct with qeustions or opinions😂

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347.7lbs combined shake, trim, popcorn
Hypothetical crude yield of 12% for CRC media calculations

10,526g (6.67%) of centrifuged white THCa sugar
7692g (4.87%) centrifuged sauce (filtrate)
11.55% combined yield.

Here is some other interesting info. We let the sauce sit at room temp for approximately 30 days+. More THCa sugar precipitated out. Did two THCa potency tests. We took a sample from the TOP and a sample from the lower almost bottom of the vessel that the sauce was sitting in and

7692g (4.87%) centrifuged sauce (filtrate) test results
TOP tested: 35.69% ThcA, 9.13% D9-Thc
BOTTOM tested 47.75% ThcA, 8.33% D9-Thc


I have a bunch of centrifuged sugar that is left over from a trep sauce separation. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do with it?

I have turned a bunch of it into dust with a ethanol and pentane dilution. And then used a vac oven to remove residuals.

I’m still new to bho extraction and I’m trying to learn as much as I can. Thanks for your time.

two routes: