Terp to diamond end ratio

What is your end ratio of terp sauce to diamonds at the end if a batch.

Lets say you made a jar with 100g in it. What is your normal ratio… I always get more sauce and im wondering if in not letting ot go long enough.
Doing the hot jar tek

Usually I get more diamonds than terps. I’ve been doing a hot jar tek too for speed. I cap without much solvent an agitate them, comes out a even saucey consistency all the way thru.

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I’d say I’m about 60/40 - 70/30 diamond to sauce ratio.

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have you gotten your sauce tested? maybe you’re decarbing by accident and the THC is staying in the sauce? …just spit ballin’


The quality of the product and the freshness can make a huge difference. The fresher the product, you will have more THCA that hasn’t converted to THC. I found that I get highest ratio of diamonds from fresh frozen, then less from dried cured, and when I have older material, I just hope it crashes out at all. That being said, it can also be strain dependent. Some strains no matter how fresh or fire, just don’t seem to want to crash out and I end up turning into badder.


Ya its fresh indoor. I figured i wasnt going long enough

What temp do you like to keep your guys at for hot jar tek?

I’m currently running it in hot water bath set at 120 and somehow waters getting in? I have it closed completely

I follow the tek


80/20 diamonds to terps. You can tell how well the seperation was by how much terp sugar drops out of the terp fraction. Should be very minimal. If you get a lot your run needed to go longer


The jar lid has pressure on it and you’ve got it submerged in water…
Put it in an oven or on a seedling mat


To the rescue

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Seed mat if u dont have vac oven. Lay towel on top to reduce temp if no simple temp controller

@FicklePickle sorry idk why it tagged u

But yep fickle right

O and use dry ice for extraction keep that water frozen

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You have it completely submerged? What makes you think you’re actually seeing water in there?

Just the 1/6 bottom of the jar is touching the water.

Decided to poke at it and seems just like air bubbles, not water. What would be causing this? And is it ok?

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bet you a Bic would say otherwise…

you do know what you’re trying to slowly evaporate off here right?

hint: it’s neither water nor air.

bonus points if you can name something other than butane that might be in the bubbles.


Is this question just for him. I feel like a kid in class waving his hand for an answer but the teacher keeps looking through you.


:shushing_face: thank you for your understanding

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sorry about the thread jack.


I have to start reading more again… Not enough likes to give out when I’m not a regular.


So what ratios are you getting? I see as high as 80/20 and my low of 40/60.

I’m curious to what the theoretical max would be? I know you’d never get everything to drop, and variables would make this number different, but there’s probably an average you do use.

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What’s your losses like compared to a non crc run?

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