Centrifuges shut down

You said it decanters or pusher centrifuges make sense at scale
In combination with a screw press even better or extract with a solvent that the loses are a non isseu like H2O

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I agree to a degree. I think that federal legalization (kinda hope it never happens. More taxes, a lot of grow operations will be shuttered a lot of people will lose jobs a lot of people will lose their life work. Imagine California Legalization but countrywide. Remember how many mom and pop stores shuttered in Humboldt? that’s the future of legalization imo) , will not be the end of hydrocarbons. It’ll just mean better testing standards.

They’ll probably make people have to hit under a certain ppm

makes me think of the tek i used to always bring up

People realize they can use a bucket, a sock, and a rotovap to make Ethanol extracts.

Can you elaborate on the methods of getting 90+% TAC that are quicker thant EtOH => distillate? Are you speaking on hydrocarbons, or an alkane extraction?

I’m fairly ignorant, but other scalable ways seems to take longer or end in some type of alcohol solution anyways? My thought was the cut out the middle-man.

Maybe I’m tired, but for some reason ethanol always seems to be the correct solvent for extraction if we are going for 90%+ concentrate. Disregarding the obvious lack of terpenes and other compounds that may be desirable.

Liquid diamonds is just distillate, change my mind


Delta Sep is now sold by ETS stainless

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This is one of those moments where the answer is so obvious that it doesn’t even register as a solution.

Thanks for the answer. Ahah. Doh…

i’ve been spinning left this entire time, crap


Counter cockwise


Wait, people are ditching distillation for crystallization/decarb? what about the D9 in the crude? does it just get left in the mother liquor?

going after the THCa and just decarbing it sounds great if all your biomass is fresh and still almost all THCa. But what about when it’s older biomass? or any crude with decent amounts of THC in it?
I guess I’m not understanding how hydrocarbon extraction > crystallization > separation > decarb is more efficient than extracting cold/filter inline > solvent recovery > decarb > distill?

I’m a hydrocarbon guy btw, I have just always thought ethanol was more efficient for larger scale distillate production. But I have been seeing a lot of people say that’s not the case these days.

I think people are ditching ethanol, not distillate. Ethanol has a lot of drawbacks, mainly its miscibility with water and high enthalpy of vaporization/specific heat.

There are some people in the no distillation camp, but I think that’s a shallow dream.


ok, that makes more sense to me. I’ve heard the water solubles are kind of a bitch with ethanol extraction, but the idea of all our D9 distillate being made from decarb’ed diamonds just seems crazy to me. that’s a lotta fuckin diamonds coming off mid grade trim.

I know it can be done, just never thought of it as “the way” ya know? especially when dealing with older material.


Agreed. Heptane/hexane outclass ethanol by a wide margin. While you do have to dewax considerably, the fact that you can boil >10x heptane for the same energy cost is way better. The small amount of recovery you do after dewaxing doesn’t seem that bad, especially with these membranes I hear so much about.

Butane can also rival ethanol quite quickly with enough tubes and for a comparable amount of capital.


It seems that ETS has acquired Delta, but currently their machines are not easy to sell, and there are not many ways to extract ethanol using centrifuges on the market. Not sure if my understanding is correct.

Me neither…

Extract ethanol?

Extract with ethanol?

How many ways do you need?!?

Agreed. the mother liquor then goes through a couple of rounds of distillation. 1st for terpenes, then for cannabinoids.

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Delta got bought by another company and that umbrella company is not doing so hot. But also there’s so many labs closed, if I wanted to buy a Delta, I would easily be able to find one used for half the price. Sometimes even new in box! And also chinese centrifuges can really be quite nice. I know plenty of people using them for years with great success. Why buy a new Delta in these circumstances. ALL equipment is actually contracting just because of what a glut of used equipment there is.


Since when is ETS doing poorly?

I was talking about their earlier buy out by Gibraltar. The ETS re-buy just happened last month, we’ll see if it breathes some more life into them.