Bho Extraction Questions

Hey everyone, I have been in a legal extraction lab for 4 years now and I have been trying to advance my skills.

I have been working with a Beest Setup and have been trying to navigate working for a company that has been forcing production with no means of a sales or marketing plan.

I have pounds of Thca sugars; we have been separating the sugars with a centrifuge and been using the sauce in carts and have even distilled that same sauce to remove terps so we have more pure terpenes to add to their distillate carts.

How do I get through to these people to get on the same page. How do I convince them and my lab manager to focus on creating products people will be happy with and are actually buying. Am I the only person dealing with people who are obsessed with what a spreadsheet says and not actually promoting the products made?

Is there anything I can do with all the sugar that can maybe make a different product?
I have access to a full lab and have been trying to read as much as I can from this fourm.

Thanks for taking time to read this and I hope I’m not being to needy I’m just running out of patience.

I’m in CO2 so I don’t get to play around with fun stuff.

How’s the potency on that sauce? Most of your base/potency for carts is that sugar i assume? Decarb then add the sauce together is i thought the norm. Your yields must be quite low without the sugar content.
I’d assume you could easily just gram up that sugar and sell it, right? I would def dab that.

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Liquid diamonds is just distillate, change my mind


And what position do you hold?

Sounds like that second part is not a you problem since I assume your job is in said production

Seems like thers a trend here :thinking:

Sounds like you think you could run the business better then your management/owners or that they just dont do it well themselves, and that unfortunately will lead nowhere, go apply for management positions if you want more responsibilities and if you want to call the shots start your own business, otherwise id keep showing up and getting paid todo your job and just let them do theirs, ignorance and lack of true responsibility is blissful IMO :man_shrugging:


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Maybe become a sales/procurement person for them instead if you’re concerned with such things as an individual contributor.

Unfortunately, you won’t get through to your “superiors” without action and results. If you have a better way to do things, do a side by side comparison between your ideas and theirs. If yours are objectively better they will be chosen. What products are you suggesting should be made? You’re on here criticizing your employer but don’t have an idea or suggestion of your own?

If the only products the company is creating are sugar batches and 2 types of distillate carts then there are definitely more product lines for you to create.

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This is my point. We have tried doing shatter and budders. We were doing Ice water hash and rosin but everything they put to market isn’t promoted or mentioned on their websites or by their retail team.

Whenever a product was sent to packaging then the store it just went to die so to say. No one knows that we even sell that product unless they were looking for it specifically and when the sale of those items don’t fly off the shelf they pull it from the inventory and then the supervisors complain that we aren’t doing enough to make products people wanna buy.

I have tried to ask for meetings to help with the brainstorming or just to help educate but everything keeps getting pushed aside and im ignored untill they come back and tell me to make more stuff at their demand.

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I wanted to work in cannabis to do a great job and make quality cannabis products. I know I’m new to the lab but I do my research and have tried to just not be another cog in a machine. A company that focuses on production with no means of education or marketing means failure in my book. The market is flooded with product here in Massachusetts and if we wanna survive it’s not just cutting costs; it’s about having a good product to really make people come back for it.

Why work for a company to just collect a pay check. You sound like a loser who scams people with boof products.

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Assuming you can communicate effectively and get approval (buy in) for R&D time/monies, here are some lab options:
Sell sugar as thca sugar or decarb for LD
Sugar plus some heat and terps can make a jam or batter consistency
Liquid diamonds + HTE or CDT
Liquid diamonds + botanical terps
Liquid diamonds + HTE and botanical
Don’t centrifuge some BHO and decarb BHO with terps, search for decarb under pressure.
Purchase or make disty and add botanical terps
Find the vape hardware that your customers love

Chris, I feel similar and I am an owner and operator. Sometimes we just know that what we are doing is FIRE and it will take 4-6 months before before everyone else figures it out. Regardless of how much our sales team hypes the release, etc, the product basically has to be so good comparatively speaking, that the consumer comes back for it and tells everyone how good it is. Sometimes all we can do in the lab and in the grow is get to work grinding, because the things we do and control determine the final product quality. At this point in the cannabis industry: the product quality, in my mind, is the true representation of the company. Sure eventually it’s a coke or pepsi marketing grudge match, but even developed markets are not quite there.

Let’s be honest, the business acumen of most cannabis company managers is not comparable to fortune 500 managers. Not to say there are not talented cannabis company managers, there are, but there are many that are not. Therefore do not expect a normal cannabis company to develop an hourly employee the same way a large corporation may develop a selected employee. You basically have to self develop the skills sets you want. Maybe start by reading a Stephen Covey or John Maxwell book. You will know you are in a progressive organization if there is a company book club where employees read leadership books and discuss and implement at work.