How To Fillet a Hash Fish!

Ladies and Gentlemen I’m pleased to annouce my newest creation, the hash fish!

Today i am going to teach you how to fillet it!

Before we get into it i would like to cover some of my other products.

Puke Putty:

Sheet Hash:

Least we not forget the star of the F4200 forum… The Dirt Rub!

I have received nothing but praise, these products are loved! Check out these comments!

They LOVE them!

Now let’s get back the hash fish!

First off, grab your favorite rod and tackle and head out to your nearest garden of preference, whether it be indoor or outdoor.

Once you arrive target your fish of choice, in this case i went for the yellow pointed hasher! It came in at 19 grams! What a whopper!

After your catch, keep your hash fish on ice until you’re ready to fillet it, my ideal fillet size is 1.25" by 3" with a weight of 1g, if done correctly it should appear similar to this.

When your fillet is prepared select your fill of choice! You can pick from any cannabis product, flower, hash, shatter, wax, crumble, oil, distillate, you name it! If done correctly it all burns just the same!

Remember though! Before you fill, pre-shape your fillet!

Once shaped, insert your fill! I decided to use naturally sourced flower.

When ready, seal your stuffed fillet! It should look similar to this!

Light it up!!! If you caught a quality hash fish you should have zero problems consuming your fresh fillet!

Once you’ve learnt the art of creating a hash fish fillet, they can even be made to match the size of a cigarette!

Beautiful aren’t they!

The most unique property about these hash fish fillets is they are cost-effective to manufacture!

You can sell them for as little as a dollar a fillet and still make a profit! That’s ten for 10$!

Could it be a true alternative to traditional papers?

Sure seems like it!

You simply cannot find the same quality for that price from our competitors, such as cannagars, hash blunt wraps, hash papers or hash tubes! They cost far more and aren’t nearly as versatile or reliable as hash fish fillets!


Wrong. False information, otherwise my only suggestion is loose the fish in your name for it. Makes the product reek of a certain Nevada level of quality


My SOP is tried and true, you can fill the fillets with air and they still burn without collapsing. I’ve tested everything to the disbelief of many, make a suggestion for your doubt of a specific cannabis fill, i’ll make a video of it burning.

this isn’t a rolling paper, it’s better


I would love to see you burn shatter, badder, crumble or disty in that “fillet” without getting a mouthful of oil after a puff or two. Seriously. You cannot out just that alone in there as you claimed. It would have to be homogenized with flower to burn properly. Yes the outside will burn evenly I’m sure if you did an even thickness. But to say it would burn either of those concentrates alone with no issues is false information.

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Read here:

There is only one source of plant matter that doesn’t taste like hay.

It really does work I’ll take some disty and honey oil today and load a fillet, you don’t even need a glass tip or a filter… it won’t run out, it won’t give you a mouthful of oil, it also won’t leave any residuals on your lips… that’s something NO PAPER can provide.

Okay you go ahead and inhale a pure disty loaded hash fillet. Please video it cause I can garuntee the moment it hits meting point you’ll take a mouthful. Why do you think even disty blunts are homogeneous or brushed on, could it be because it turns to a liquid? Hmmmmm doesn’t matter wh at kind of apparatus is used, go ahead freeze a 3 g log of disty & please do this.

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This is my exact part I’m referencing, load any one of those SINGULAR besides dry hash & flower & prove me wrong goober.

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My warm lips would melt a disty blunt tip

I would enjoy a video of the hash blunt being smoked tho. Ill even facetime sesh a normal blunt. Its a beautiful sunday morning.


So, correctly as in:

Opposed to:

The ratio required to burn correctly is way off at that point, i understand what you’re saying, you’re right you can’t take 3g of any liquid concentrate without a buffer, the fillet at 1.25" by 3" couldn’t even hold that without making a very large mess…

I know you’re not stupid and that you understand too much… is too much and you’re trying to take away from this by deliberately misinterpreting and twisting what i said.

It CAN be used to consume all types of concentrates if proportioned correctly, but it must be proportioned correctly… it’s really simple.

Holy shit @realterpsmatter is looking like a scientist these days compared to shit like this

But really @Realterpsmatter I feel like your memes would go so nice in this thread. Like warm butter on pancakes. He also said he uses bogus replica terps. YOU GONNA LET THAT SHIT STAND???


You’re getting goofier and goofier day by day.

One of these days mom will take away the internet because you stopped eating your meds


I’ll cut a video down best i can as the file size for uploads here is small.

Burns like a dream, once it lights up it will never put itself out.

As for this:

I have no idea who you are and i don’t mean any kind of disrespect but that’s not something I’m comfortable doing. It is a beautiful sunday though.

Im gonna need a full video. From lighting it to the end

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Take your video and message it to yourself in the signal app and it will compress the video


Is it actually something you’re interested in or are you just trying to troll me to waste my time and make fun of me like everyone else?

Ive been curious about hash blunts for the past year. I have been trying to get them toll processed for awhile bit ill likely have to do them myself. Ive tried making them, and they melt and collapse, tons of resin builds up in the glass tip when loaded with oil. Im curious to see how yours burns.


I introduced this product to a crowd of old-school chronics last night, they laughed. Every single one of them said exactly what you just did here:

Old school pressed hash isn’t new, but what I’m making is.

They all said they’ve seen this before, tried this before i got the whole “that’s a cool idea kid but it doesn’t work”

By the end of the first roll, every one was in complete disbelief, then started on me with the ‘oh that’s a one off’ so i made another one right in front of them but this time, packed it with dried ice water hash crumbled up instead of flower, this stuff:

It burnt just the same, no difference at all. Left everyone speechless, people were taking pictures and videos and sending it to their friends.

I’ve tested it with pretty much everything, it works. I’ve made it multiple times with different sources of plant. It works.

I’ll gladly send you a video. :grin:

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Burns well but does it taste as awful as it looks? Do you actually mix dirt in with the hash to get it that stable and brown? I’m confused but this post does clarify your opinion on things.