Gummy potency problem

I’ve now made quite a few batches of medicated gummies and I’ve gotten my gummy recipe on point and consistent (220-250 gummies everytime). however, the potency just isn’t there for me, closest I’ve gotten is when i ate 20-25 of them and got fried a few hours later but that’s just too many in my opinion I’ve been using 7 grams of diamond sauce/diamonds (i should also mention i’m using what i would consider a large amount of sunflower lecithin) i tried with some slightly boof rosin i had but still no luck. i want to say i’ m messing up on the decarb because from what I’ve read/watched you want there to be no bubbles?or maybe i just need to use more wax? i’m new to this so any advice is greatly appreciated!!

  1. why are you throwing diamonds/sauce at the problem?

  2. have you done the math?

7000mg of 75% THC =>?? mg THC

divided into 250 gummies => how many mg/gummy?

(hint: it’s around 20mg).

  1. if you think it’s the decarb you’re messing up, you might want to tell folks wtf you’re doing for decarb…

only using stated material because its currently what i have access to, for decarb i’m doing about 20-25 minutes at 200 degrees

more detail please.

making folks guess which temperature units does you no service.

have you read up HERE on decarb? because you’e right, that is where you’re messing up. 100C for an hr 140-150C for 30ish min.

HOW are you heating? are you stirring?

please show your potency math.


shit i cannot even get a gram of wax to decarb fully at 45 minutes 245f in a lab oven. I just keep letting it go until it stops reacting


i’m using 7 grams of apothecary farms ambrosia 70.7%, cooking temps i try not to exceed 180 degrees Fahrenheit during mixing as thats what i’ve come across mostly, i use a normal stovetop and stir as much as possible sorry i’m trying to be as open as possible lol

air is a lousy thermal transfer fluid…

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fuck I would be better off decarbing flower in the oil im making edibles with at home wouldn’t I? I have graduated to home hobbiest so i lack fancy toys these days

so…you’re not even done cooking the low boiling terpenes off at that point…not an ideal starting mix. unless you want to Decarb under pressure to retain terps?

we don’t need “open” we need “detailed”.

so (for instance) temps NEED units. F/C/K?!?

get yourself some bromocresol green. see Tricks of the trade - #655 by CdpIchem

at 180K you’ll not get decarb without a catalyst
at 180F you’ll need on the order of an hr once you’ve boiled of the terpenes and come to temp. Diamonds seem to take extra heat to decarb. so you might be at or over 2hrs.

last time I decarbed 10g of oil at 100C it took almost 5hrs for the bubbles to quit. Dosage was spot on. my best guess is there was water in that extract. in your case it’s terpenes.


quite possibly. not certain what your current process is. if you’ve got bromocresol to test your end point then I suspect you’re correct.

I can’t believe your using diamond/sauce for cooking lolo. Here its 80 euros a gram …
If i were in your shoes i would probably dissolve it all in ethanol, evaporate the ethanol, decarb the oil, then use it.
Are gummies made from glycerin ?

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diamonds just what i was able to get my hands on and sheesh lol thats rosin price where im at, but may i ask why the ethanol?

also curious…

i definitely need to monitor temps better and will definitely try running the decarb longer thank you for the info! truly appreciate it

My thinking , easiest food grade solvent you can get your hands on, easy to purge, its being decarbed anyway.

( this is not my " field " ) Only an idea if i was in your shoes with no Futre4200

edit: dissolve and purge in a water bath until it can go in an oven

so what is the nominal potency of your gummies? (yours are mostly THCA, but let’s pretend you’ve solved that for now).

right, but dissolving in ethanol then purging the ethanol achieves what?

might lose some terpenes. may end up with residual ethanol instead.

dissolving rosin in ethanol, freezing, then filtering (winterizing) to get rid of fats would make sense (except for the whole solvent less thing), but just dissolving then evaporating does not strike me as productive.

i really would like to aim for 50mg a cube if possible they’re 4ml squares in the mold i should also note i plan on using distillate in the future as that seems to be what everyone uses. i see so many different ways to estimate potency i have no clue which to believe (hints why im posting on here lol)

how many mg of active thc you have in total divided by number of gummies… if you have tested material this is trivial


I was only thinking for homogenising the sauce and the diamonds. I really have no experience of it.
Now thinking about it the same can be achieved by just putting it in the oven without dissolving.

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