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Good Hash Discounts

GLG Affiliates.pdf (951.3 KB)

Good Food

  • Private Chef discount, 15% off medicated catering events up to 8 people
  • Catering discounts, 15% off medicated catering events 9-24 people
  • Medium scale discounts, 20% off parties of 25-99
  • Large scale discounts, 25% off parties of 100+
  • Edible consultant, 20/hour expert edible consulting for personal or business use
  • 50% off website design when you sign up for a year of hosting

-Elevated Research Solutions
-Best Value Vacs
-More coming!!

My one solvent extraction winterization process
Only The Strong sauce tek

Just signed up for the life membership


Is the GLG section set up yet?



So the annual member ship can not access to GLG forum in 4200 ? Is it only lifetime member can do so ?


There’s a section here for it, but I havent started moving members in to the private section yet. The SOPs I’ll have up by next week, and should have discount t codes and the paywall backend done by the end of this week.


All memberships in the GLG get access to the private forum. Is it worded otherwise somewhere?


Got it . I will sign up for glg then !



Just joined! Can’t wait to take advantage of my first discount!


I just subscribed as well!


I am in!


Just joined the GLG from the island of Puerto Rico!!!


Better capture all the SOPs now before they are backed by paywall



@Future What happened to $100/yr?

I saved for a while so I can afford $100 but you raised the price and now I can’t afford it. :frowning:


Aboard for life!

gonna be a good one :slight_smile:


:smile: GLG!!


Damn no $100 membership for me? :sweat::cry::sob::worried::disappointed::frowning::confounded:


Ok if you won’t let me in your gang for $100 then I’m gonna start a Ghetto Yellow Triad and charge about $350/year.

Who’s in???


I’m in!


thanks for the laugh today! lol