Floraplex Terpenes


By the way your products are by far the best on the web I’ve tried almost every sample pack just waiting on my next


I did but never got a response but I stumbled apon here and I’m happy cause been buying their product awhile now and never knew of the place or promo codes


Sorry to hear that! I’ll DM you so you can give me your order # and can make it right. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the review! :+1:


I have tried several times to set up an account with you guys but the website is glitching or something. Just placed another order today to finish up a small run but would love some more Info on the glg status if possible


Hi Distilate Guy!

Sorry to hear about the troubles creating an account on our site. I just tested it by creating a new account and it worked fine for me. I informed our web person and he said to try clearing your cache or using incognito mode to when creating an account. If you’re still having trouble please DM me and we’ll try to get it figured out :slight_smile:

For GLG discount (25% off) you need to be a GLG member here at Future4200: Good Life Gang


Just a quick follow up, just received my Floraplex sample pack, I was septical (I hate fake terps lol) but they have BY FAR the best botanical terpenes line on the market, for the price, you cant go wrong.

The brands I compare to:

Denver Terpenes
True Terpenes
The Terpenes Store

Good job Floraplex !


Thanks for the kind words! :grin:

I’m stoked you like the sample pack and the products. We work hard everyday, so it’s really nice to see people are happy with our labors.


Haven’t got a chance to try the terps yet but they smell great and hooked me up with some diluent even after the promo ended. Good people!

I’ll post back once I try the various strains I bought!


Hey Jeff. This is my second order I’ve made using your terps and I like what I’ve tried so far. I just received my second order and 2 out of the five bottles were about 75% or 80% full. My first order was great. Just 2 out of the 5 bottles on this order weren’t filled all the way. If it wasn’t noticeable I wouldn’t even worry about it. What should I do?


Hey! Sorry to hear your bottles were not filled all the way? Can you send me pictures?

Also what is your order number?



The 3rd and the 4th are the ones that weren’t filled all the way. The strawberry cough was the baddest one though. The WiFi wasn’t as bad. Thanks


Order number 63737


always thought shoulder was full. i just tested some 3ml bottles from another source. bottle held 3.8ml to top of bottle. ill check the 5ml bottles after i use one.


Hi King!

I’m sorry about that. We’re upgrading all our systems to avoid this from happening again. I’ll make sure we make it right and hook you up with some extras :slight_smile: . We’ll get a package out to you on Monday.


Thanks Jeff! Can’t wait to try these new strains out. My favorite so far from you guys is the Gelato. Looking forward to trying out some carts and playing with these new flavors a bit. I’ll update once I try them out. Thanks again


try mixing the gelato and the strawberry cough 50/50



Just ordered a gallon of 8 flavors mainly because of all of your reviews. Lets hope they are all true!


Hey Jeff. Haven’t received anything yet. Didn’t know what to do. I’ve been waiting to try out my new terps because I wasn’t sure if I would need to return anything to you guys. Thanks in advance for responding


Hi King! I’m sorry about that! We’re moving to our new and much larger facility this week and I think the right hand wasn’t talking to the left hand in this case. I will make sure it gets done and sent next day air to your (for free) tomorrow. Sorry for the wait.