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DM me your order number :slight_smile:


Hi hispeed67!

Sorry I missed this. I know we talked by DM, but in case others see this, many customers have had great success following our Terpene Mixture Calculator.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Any update on how to use the good life gang discount? Tried emailing and they gave me an expired coupon code, sent an email to let them know the code didnt work and never got a responce. Ive been waiting since youve made this announcement to make a several thousand dollar order, i need to place this order. @FloraplexTerpenes can you help?


Weird, I order yesterday with the coupon code “future4200” and got my discount!


Thank you Floraplex!

I placed an order, outside the January window for their bonus giveaway on diluent, but noticed they were still honoring the offer when I ordered and discussed it with them. They were quick to respond, very congenial, and upgraded my order even though it was a rather small order to begin with.

I’ve now opened and smelled every bottle and Wow! The odors are immediately more pleasant than the TruTerpene counterpart. They smell exactly like what they are labeled as, and mouthwateringly so. The diluent is completely odorless to my senses.

It is really hard to see in pictures, but the level of each bottle is a little different. I don’t know that any are less than 5ml, and I personally am not complaining considering how little I ultimately paid for what I got, but some are filled to where the glass jar starts to curve in, some to where it stops curving in, and some filled up into the neck of the bottle. I’ll take weights before and after, and see how much they fill up a syringe when i use them.

All-in-all I’m highly impressed with not only the customer service but the quality of the products at this point and highly recommend anyone who isn’t already using their products give them a try. Half the retail price for well over double the quality! Reviews of the strain profiles in use will come soon.


Future4200 is 20% last time i checked, glg gets 25%. Its a couple hundred bucks on my order or i wouldnt even be worried.


My bad, of course, that 5% mean a lot in that case !


Yes! I’m all over it. I’m sorry to hear that.

Our webmaster was supposed to setup the GLG discount. I’ll see what’s going on tomorrow. For now I will generate a custom code for you and anyone else that needs one. Can you DM me your email address? (We use GLG members’ email addresses to limit the GLG discount to only GLG members.)


Hey CuriousChemist!

I’m stoked you’re happy! We try hard to make great products and provide a great service. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the time and effort in your review! Great to read. I sent you my current favorites as samples, so it’s great to see you like them.

I will speak with the bottling manager in the morning. While the densities range around 0.85ish mg/mL, they are not generally greatly different (and can be found in the COAs). Thank you for bringing this to my attention :+1:


OK, all taken care of! :slight_smile:

GLG member’s 25% off discount code is GLG25. But, the email addresses used for GLG membership must be the same email addresses used when placing an order for the discount to take effect.

Please let me know if you encounter any more issues and I’ll get them taken care of ASAP.


I have order from you guys about 10 time now just a couple bottles at a time but last order 1 of my bottles was leaking only got about half out of it this if my first time finding a place to let you know just ordered another 3 bottles with promo code and I mintioned Jeff in comments finger crossed


Email their customer service I’m sure they will make it right


By the way your products are by far the best on the web I’ve tried almost every sample pack just waiting on my next


I did but never got a response but I stumbled apon here and I’m happy cause been buying their product awhile now and never knew of the place or promo codes


Sorry to hear that! I’ll DM you so you can give me your order # and can make it right. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the review! :+1:


I have tried several times to set up an account with you guys but the website is glitching or something. Just placed another order today to finish up a small run but would love some more Info on the glg status if possible


Hi Distilate Guy!

Sorry to hear about the troubles creating an account on our site. I just tested it by creating a new account and it worked fine for me. I informed our web person and he said to try clearing your cache or using incognito mode to when creating an account. If you’re still having trouble please DM me and we’ll try to get it figured out :slight_smile:

For GLG discount (25% off) you need to be a GLG member here at Future4200: Good Life Gang


Just a quick follow up, just received my Floraplex sample pack, I was septical (I hate fake terps lol) but they have BY FAR the best botanical terpenes line on the market, for the price, you cant go wrong.

The brands I compare to:

Denver Terpenes
True Terpenes
The Terpenes Store

Good job Floraplex !


Thanks for the kind words! :grin:

I’m stoked you like the sample pack and the products. We work hard everyday, so it’s really nice to see people are happy with our labors.