Floraplex Terpenes

Hey Future4200 community! This is Al with Floraplex Terpenes and I wanted to introduce the company to you fine folks. A special thank you goes out to Future for creating a space that allows for the promotion and proliferation of open source cannabis knowledge sharing!

Floraplex sells botanically derived isolated terpenes, isolated terpene blends and “enhanced” isolated terpene blends. We got into supplying terpenes and flavorings to the cannabis industry for three reasons. 1.) We love cannabis and the positive impact that it has on the people that use it and the communities that allow it. 2.) Terpenes are really cool. 3.) We noticed that the pricing of terpenes by current market leaders is astronomical and that the level of quality and service purveyed by said market leaders leaves plenty to be desired.

Our website is www.buyterpenesonline.com and our instagram handle is www.instagram.com/floraplexterpenes

Feel free to ask us any questions that you may have about our products and we will do our best to answer them quickly and accurately.



Sounds interesting. Do you have a sample size available for purchase?

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I will be doing a review on these when my order comes in


How are you able to be so substantially cheaper than the next guy?

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We certainly do. Please check out the link below.


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Excellent! Cant wait to hear your feedback. If you wouldn’t mind please post your feedback here, good or bad!

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The current “market leaders” have fixed prices artificially high or they do not have the buying power to afford to offer lower pricing.

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how do you feel you guys compare to," the werc shop" or “true terpenes” ?


We hear great things about those companies! Personally I do not have any experience with their products. However, I can say that many of our new customers are making the switch to our brand because of price and quality. Hope that answers your question!

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Hi & thanks for posting here.

I have enjoyed some products of true terpenes, but I appreciate a competitor that is reasonable. I am looking to purchase terpenes that have generally high sensory thresholds. I’m not looking to formulate my own ‘flavorless’ terp mix, but find some terpenes like linalool and limonene to be too pungent for my uses. Do you have some suggestions for more subtle in aroma terpenes than the aforementioned?



Thank you for the reply Floraplex.

No problem, any time!

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“Flavorless terpenes” seem to be a hot topic lately. To our knowledge there are no flavorless terpenes that are safe to consume. Squalene is one, but we wouldnt recommend it for concentrates.

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I didn’t ask for that.

Squalene is not what I’m looking for, not volatile enough. Sclareol would be much closer, although I’m sure there are other options, if someone knowledgeable about terpenes were around, which I’m not. Seems only option is to buy all available and teach myself, which is exactly what I was seeking to avoid by asking you for terpenes that are not odorless but are less pungent than some.

I have heard saturated terpenes are less pungent. do you have any saturated terpenes for sale?

can you source isoprene?

thank you


Are you implying that Buy Terpenes “Viscosity Extract Liquifier” is not safe to consume? They claim its from blend of 100% terpenes.

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The other guys are overcharging.


Florplex i also wonder how your products compare to the other “well known” companies. It would be a good investment to order some of your competitors products to compare to your own. I would also like to see Lab tests to confirm that you in fact are providing a near pure solution of terpenes. There are companies that dilute theirs down. Thanks for coming into the market and providing a cheaper product. Really interested to hear more


Inquiring about sourcing saturated terpenes as well as isoprene now. Ill get back to you with an answer once I have it.

How do you intend to your the terpenes? If you plan to use them with distillate and vape carts, limonene works well as a diluent because of its low flashpoint.

It probably is 100% terpenes. We have not thoroughly investigated it yet, but have been told it contains squalene.


what is a recommended dilution for carts most people do 5-10% with other brands

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