Floraplex Terpenes


We offer a few different products.

  1. Isolates - Natural and Synthetic
  2. Isolate Blends - Natural blends of isolates built to mimic cannabis strains. (Not yet on the website, another 2 weeks or so and these will be up).
  3. Enhanced Isolate Blends (my favorite) - Natural blends of isolates with added ~1% concentration of food grade flavoring on top. For the most part, isolate blends begin to start tasting the same after a while. To differentiate we developed unique and hyper concentrated food flavoring blends to incorporate with the systems. This product is the game changer imo. Each enhanced blend is different from the next and all are very enjoyable. My favorite is Sour Diesel right now, its crazy how much it tasted like the real deal.

COA, SDS and Food Grade certs are on the website now. We are waiting on third party COAs that will detail terpene content, lack of cannabinoid content and residual solvent - hopefully pesticide analysis will follow quickly after the more detailed COA.

Thanks for the message! Let me know if you have any more questions!


This depends on the viscosity of your oil and on the type of cartridge that you are using, along with a few other factors.

Lets assume that you are using ~95% THC distillate which is hard as a rock at room temp. Lets also assume that you are using a standard .5mL plastic cart with a wick. In this scenario I would suggest 8-12% terpenes depending on the desired amount of flavor you want. In my mind, the goal is to liquify the material just enough so that it flows through the cartridge with out burning out the atomizer all the while maintaining an enjoyable amount of flavor. Hope this answers your question, let me know if you have any more.


First impression they smell great and seem super concentrated. I don’t have time today to whip up a batch but I will soon this week.

I do not like the container cap is it possible to get a regular cap instead of a dropper cap? It looks like the terpenes are coming thru the rubber dropper part.


Yes, we have swapped out the droppers for caps. Sorry about that. Hope you enjoy the terps.


Personally, I don’t care about the strains. I just want my distillate to be flavored like the old ejuices, and I know there is a market for that.


making a mix now
Sour Diesel bottle was 3.5g
Jack Herer bottle was 3.25g

they should be 4-4.2g each if theyre 5ml. The caps leaking probably attribute to the loss


Then you’ll love our enhanced blends!


Yah the droppers are terrible quality. Caps are the way to go. What are your thoughts of the blends thus far?


hey there tom, please get back to us how it went with the floraplex terpenes. Hows the flavor / added effects?


are you going to refund for his loss? That seems considerable and also the droppers being terrible quality is something that should have been noticed before that.


all i can really try is the durban. The first mix I did was the Sour it smelled really good probably the best sour out of the brands ive tried (true and terpene store) the terps are strong not weaker by any means but I didnt account for the bottles to be short I usually warm the distillate first then add the terpenes so I weighed out my distillate then didn’t have enough of the sour so I had to add some of the jack to it. So Im not going to review some frankenstein mixture.

The durban is good the flavor is there its a nice flavor as well on the exhale




I was unaware that you actually ordered and paid for these bottles! We have shipped out so many sample packs lately that I got confused. We will ABSOLUTELY replace those bottles. We also greatly value your feedback and will throw in several other 5mL samples for you to review. Thanks again for your much needed feedback, without good folks like yourself our products would not improve!

Can you please private message me your order number. We will get replacements and the extra samples out in the mail tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!


Yes of course. We will NEVER leave a customer hanging. Going to get those replaced tomorrow. Super excited for Tom’s thorough feedback.


This is great Tom. Would you be interested in doing public reviews for the community with the other samples we send you? Ill be sure to send larger working samples than 5mL.



Hey everyone it seems like a few of you would like to try out Floraplex Terpenes, so I went ahead and asked for a promocode to share with the Future4200 community.

Use promo-code “future4200” at check out and receive 20% off your order. We also have a free sample application which can be found here: Link to Free Sample Application

Looking forward to everyone’s thoughts.


hi there, im interested in your terpene profiles, i notice that on the website it says you only ship to the usa, im interested in importing to australia, terpenes are legal here. would you be willing to export to Aus


i just placed another order for 4x 15ml bottles (2 days ago) it appears it has already shipped. Fast shipping by the way :slight_smile:


Great! Shipping Class 3 Flammable Liquids is no easy feat. We are required to ship ground and have to package the terpene bottles with absorbent and hermetically seal them into bags per USPS rules. FedEX has a great 2-4 day ground service and an even better air service but they charge an arm and a leg to do so. Its a ~$70,000 per day fine to improperly ship terpenes (and other similarly classed substances) by air! FAA and DOT regs are no joke!

I would still like to have your first order replaced. Can you PM me your order number please?


Hey Jjone130,

I submitted a request to our regulatory expert asking him about how to ship these substances to Australia. Ill get back with you when I have an answer.