Floraplex Terpenes



No luck thus far on sourcing Saturated Terpenes or Isoprene. Ill keep inquiring. When I find a source ill let you know.


The strawberry cough, gelato, gsc and blueberry ak are all very tasty.


what percentage are you using if you don’t mind me asking


10% is what I’ve been doing


What kind of carts are you using?


i did 13% with my mixture and i think its definitely enough. I know people who do 15 but that seems way too high


You didn’t have any issues with your carts spitting at those levels?


never. im running Transpring A3 with 4x 1.2mm holes


FWIW, customers have reported using terpenes for thinning distillate at rates of 8-15%, with 12% being most commonly reported.


Good to know, our customers are too preoccupied with potency to for that to work for us.


We have had other customers report 2%. It depends on the type of cartridge and battery that your customers are using.

I assume that most THC distillate out there is clocking in around 85-95% total cannabinoids. If you add 12% terpenes, your carts should test ~74.8-83.6% total cannabinoids. For the average consumer that is plenty strong.


newest order so far ive placed 3 orders and the shipping is fast appreciate that

the first order was replaced fully without me even asking because of the dropper cap issue. New bottles nice and tight with new caps no leaking

the gelato smells so fire
the lemon diesel is dank
the sour is dank and the tsunami is dank too.


so preoccupied then they should smoke raw distillate out of a dab rig

there is more to the high than an obsession over super high THC numbers


Hehe, I couldn’t agree more. But as it is in any marketplace, manufacturers don’t dictate consumer tastes. It’s not just relegated to end users either, bulk sales to edibles companies are totally focused on delta 9 content. All other cannabinoids are irrelevant to them.


Nomadgt, you have successfully described a market problem. This is an excellent opportunity for you and others in similar climates to pivot. Identifiying the need to pivot is step one, effectively pivoting is step 2.

How I would pivot. Invest a significant portion of your marketing dollars into an educational campaign that highlights the silliness of hyper potent products. Be sure to attach strong brand presence to this campaign and have fun!

Dabs may be prevalent now, but will be niche soon. The era of concenient ingestibles is here and the low dose era is soon to come. Plan for the future!


We do try to do as much education as we can with stores of course, edibles kitchens are another issue though. Let’s just say high school chemistry isn’t something they ever paid attention to it would appear. There isn’t much in the way of marketing dollars for us. Remember, this is an overly taxed industry where everyone from the power company, to landlords, suppliers, banks and state and local agencies gouge you at every turn. It’s not the high profit world everyone thinks it is.


So what’s the verdict, I’m currently using true Terpene’s but even with buying in bulk it is getting to be quite expensive and there price point is better just would like to hear some unbiased reviews


Are cannabis derived terps worthwhile for production if the prices were closer to plant derived? Or are the cheaper plant derived mixtures good enough to avoid cannabis derived terps at scale.


We like Floraplex, but they can send you some samples to try out before you commit. Great pricing too.


Thanks for the reply I’ve asked several times on Ig how to get a few samples and no reply So first impressions and all. But glad to hear you like them I’ll try again