Floraplex Terpenes


I would like to get some samples of your products I’ve tried several times on instagram to find out how to go about it if you could get back to me I need to place a order soon and spending another couple gs with true Terpene’s is starting to bother me


so far at least 3 people in this thread has said theyre good. On the site there are some reviews all saying theyre good.

What more are you looking for? The terps are so cheap buy some and try


I think many people prefer cannabis-based so if there was price parity I could see it leaning that way. It would take some game-changing method/approach to do that right now though. I hate wasting the cycles on our Apex machine for terps so having an alternative method that is cheap would be great. Of course there is the matter of processing trim vs. flower too. Trim doesn’t offer much yield for terps of course and flower can be cost prohibitive. Labor, machine time and source material cost all conspire against you for cost on cannabis-based terps but there are high end brands that command a high end price for product that only uses cannabis-based terps. That is a thinner market than products with lower price points of course.


Hi Condentrated Humbold,

We have several different points of contact, of which more commonly used is email or phone. Instagram is flooded with hundreds of DMs per day and is really hard to keep up with without a dedicated social media liaison. So I apologize for the lack of communication. Below is a link to our free sample program application. Please fill out the form and we will be back with you ASAP.

Can you please share you Ig handle? I’d want to look into this and make sure others are not being incidentally looked over on Instagram and our other social media accounts. Thank you very much!


Hi Shadownaught,

In our humble opinion, cannabis derived terpenes are far from commoditization. Properly farming and preserving cannabis terpenes takes an acute skill set that is far from scale. Will cannabis terpenes become prevelent someday? Sure, but not anytime soon…

Right now the market is seeing a rise in botanically derived terpenes. The next wave will be botanically derived terpenes “enhanced” with other flavor constituents. And the wave after that will involve small percentages of cannabis derived terpenes being introduced into botanically derived systems.

So to answer your question, botanicals will more than likely always be the majority in the system. Look at everything else, from shampoo to air fresheners, the point holds true.


So if I’m not a registered business I can’t get samples.


I would like to note that terpenes are generally really expensive. Our prices are 2-3x times more affordable than the current market leader’s. In addition to our low prices, we are offering future420 contributors and observers 20% off their entire order. Please use promo code “future4200”. I trust that you understand our position and if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask.


They have a small sample pack you can buy with a 20% off promo code from future4200 but other then that no unless ypur a registered business as far as i know


Here is the link to our sample pack page.



A sample pack where you can build your own 3 flavora or whatever amounts our sample packs come with i lnow the terpene store does that and thay was pretty convenient for someone yp tru a new terp company


Hey Everyone,

So I ordered the Isolates Pro Pack and have been doing some experimenting with different ratios and blends.
So far, I like what I’ve made and others who have sampled have said the same. Nothing on shelves yet, but that is coming, and I’ll be sure to drop back by as customer feedback comes in. They also sent me some samples of their blends, I only just got around to trying Gelato but I will say it was very tasty, it doesn’t taste like any weed I personally have smoked but it was still a nice flavor.
A few other notes: Order arrived quickly, everything was in great condition no leaky dropper tops. Geraniol was backordered and they informed me promptly after my order was placed and offered to throw in additional samples when it does ship. My one idea for an improvement would be for them to offer some sort of dispersal mechanism like an all glass or all SS syringe possibly… I ran to the store and got a glass dropper bottle and am just being careful not to draw it all the way up into the rubber portion for now, waiting on my all glass syringe.


Thats an awesome idea! Def. adding that to the agenda for the next team meeting.



Thank you so much for the much needed feedback. Glass/rubber droppers are junk. I like your idea of offering all glass syringes or dispensers. I will look in to sourcing 1-5, 1-10, 1-20, 1-50 and 1-100mL glass, graduated and luer lock syringes. Perhaps even pipettes! Thank you very much for the suggestion.


I just received a replacement for my leaky tops. Without even asking I was sent a full replacement and they tossed some extra goodys in and hooked it up big time! I won’t go into detail but let’s just say they definitely take care of their customers


What ratio is working for you?


Well, for the premixed blend, Gelato, I added 7.5% by starting weight, so for example, .75g was added to 10g.

For the Isolates I am bouncing around in the 3-5% range right now, but I am still playing with it quite a bit. Variety is key, overusing any one particular terpene seems to throw off the flavor and become too “one sided”. I will probably expand beyond my current set given the affordability, but I think I am now aiming to create a good “cannabis” base mix that could be further customized by some of the ‘less common’ terpenes.

A two fold caveat that is worth noting for all this, I am generally in favor of a lighter and more natural flavor, and I am using un-winterized subcritical co2 extract.


Can’t wait to get my samples in the mail. Suppose to be delivered two days ago, not sure what’s up.


Someone (not me, looks like it’s under your name) got your terpenes tested at PSI labs in Michigan. Could you explain these results? I stumbled across these after reading this thread the other day.

Link to the website: https://psilabs.org/results/clients/show/floraplex-terpenes-flpx-llc/


Awesome find. Looks like the whole catalog was tested.


This is our private Research and Dev work that PSI improperly made public. The residual solvents are misidentified peaks and PSI does not test for many of the Terpenes in our blends that are present. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.